May 24, 2010


I wrote this in my Facebook notes almost 4 yrs. ago.
I found it again today while looking for my notes there about some random Filipino jokes to send to my friend.
It was a good reminder!
I should probably write this in my journal.
I thought to share it with you:
Life is so good no matter how difficult it is or seems to be. It's so good to wake up with the sun shining through my window. It feels good to start your day right by saying a little prayer at least. While preparing to go to school, I remembered once again how blessed I am just for the fact that I have socks to wear (I know we wear slippers in BYUH - mine's dying), or I had a nice cozy bed to sleep on the night before... you know, those small and simple things that you have and forget that you have them and that others don't have it. Finding even just a few seconds to hear the birds chirping in the palm trees on my way to GCB for class made me appreciate His creations, and remember once againthat they are good.
Going back to waking up this morning, I woke up just in time to get dressed and have breakfast before class. Just the fact that I still woke up! That's the biggest blessing I receive everyday! It gives me another chance to live a better day and be a better person than I was the day before.

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