May 17, 2010

93 degrees Fahrenheit

It was our last Sunday to attend Jesse's old home ward.
We were staying with his parents for a few weeks when we left Hawai'i.
That Sunday, we decided to sit in the last pew - at the very corner of the Sacrament hall.
We weren't late or anything - well, maybe just a little - but we just decided to sit in that pew.
Maybe that is to let our 10 month old be free to roam a little bit if he gets bored sitting on our laps.
It must've been a wrong decision.
We didn't realize it until after the Sacrament meeting.

We were sitting down there, waiting for people to be gone passing us by.
One by one, people who knew my husband came up to him.
I just waved to them or shook hands with them with a smile on my face as I said, "Nice to meet you, too!" right after Jesse has introduced them to me (he did that each time there was somebody who came up to talk to him, which was always one after the other).
Of course, every time the word "Bakersfield" traveled out of his mouth, we got the same reaction (though expressed differently) from those people.
This one guy actually said, "Excuse me?" with a curious look in his face. "Hello? Are you still there?" he said sarcastically as he pretend to knock on Jesse's brain.

Our days of hearing people say, "Are you serious?" started when we where still in Hawaii.
That was even more than 4 months before Jesse's graduation day.
They reacted that way, with big smirks on their faces and surprised tone of voice, whenever we tell them where we were heading to after Jesse's graduation.
His internship.
In Bakersfield.

I don't know what's so bad about this place that whenever we mentioned even the name of the place,
people started looking at us as if they were asking,
Some say we were kind of doing a downgrade instead of an upgrade in lifestyle.
Imagine, we were in Hawai'i - and then we are going to move to the steaming hot weather of Bakersfield.
At least that's what people always said.

So, yes it is hot in here.
It is basically between 90 to 93 degrees Fahrenheit every afternoon.
At least only in the afternoon.
There aren't any big buildings to be seen around.
The biggest ones I've seen so far are the ones near Jesse's work.
But in our economy these days, we shouldn't be complaining much no matter how people look at us like we'd gone crazy for choosing to go here in Bakersfield.
Jesse's got a paid internship. That is hard to come by these days.
People lose their jobs. They have a hard time finding another job.
And even young people who finds internship sometimes gets it without pay.

So yes, I would rather stay here in Bakersfield and support my husband while he gets the work experience that he needs and at the same time earn some income.
After all, I am from the Philippines - and that country's weather is really hot!
Like you're being baked alive in a big oven.
But then again, six years in Hawai'i made me not get so used to the hot climate anymore.
Hawai'i has this nice breeze even though it's warm (not hot) there sometimes.
Not like here. It is hot!
But I won't complain because we've got an
Yes, we have it in our 2-bedroom 2-bathroom apartment
(the same apartment that I blogged about before, the one that I really liked).
We only turn it on during the hottest hour of the day, and sometimes at night.
The rest of the day, we use our electric fans.
And if that's not enough, we have 3 pools (1 of them is a jacuzzi) to choose from.

OH! The water in the pool is SO.FREEZING.COLD!
We went there yesterday and I felt so bad for our little buddy.
It felt like the pool melted some ice chips during the afternoon
(we came in at around 6pm - the sun doesn't totally set 'til late after 7:30pm).
We didn't stay long but we had a good time.

What can I say more? I am so glad to live here for the summer.


  1. hey this is drena. don't know if u remember me but just found ur blog. so one of my close friends hubby worked at bakersfield before they came to san jose and they love it. so im sure u will have a good time in sounds really nice and its CHEAPER than san jose (which is where we are) ...where is jesse interning at? and then u guys will be back by BYUH right since its only an internship? ...btw caleb is just so CUTE!

  2. hey drena, of course I remember you! :) Jesse's internship is in CBIZ for the summer. We won't be back in Hawaii anymore, though, since we both graduated already. I wish we are going back.. hehe.. maybe in a few years' time.

  3. This summer here in the Phils marked the hottest - 45 degrees centigrade. We do not need to heat water for bathing. The water coming out of the faucet is literally hot! You just cannot sleep well. Conditions of people who are old or sick are aggravated, even die. People including babies get sore eyes, diarrhea, fever, and/or running nose. Jois has just had a week of on-and-off fever and eye allergy. Dwaine has been having mild fever this week. Elise has got reddening eyes and running nose. It is good, though, that the doctors say they are just fine despite their ailments. They are just because it is HOT.

    You are lucky, Nak. You have aircon! hahaha! Salute you for making wise decisions in life, you and Jesse.

  4. lucky lucky with apartment,settling and etc. We are movers and I am not too happy about it.Hawaii's apartments are seriously expensive and the lines are always busy so we couldn't get a hold of any landlords.Gosh!

    But I am happy for you guys.Can we camp at your place?lol

  5. I'm sure Bakersfield isn't that bad! Can't wait to see for myself:) Miss you all! XOXOXO


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