May 08, 2010


Having a baby is so wonderful!
And it may sound like cliche, but it's true -
I cradled my son to sleep just a few minutes ago after being nursed.
It's one of his bedtime routine.
I always cradled him for an extra 5-10 mins. after he nurses (while he sleeps) to make sure the bubbles inside his belly doesn't get stuck.
And while I was at it tonight, my heart almost dropped -
in full joy!

I leaned my head against the wall.
Then all of a sudden, I felt a little kick from his foot. 
(He twitches all over a lot in his sleep - like his dad!)
But right after that little twitch, I felt 3 little movements from his belly, like a silent giggle.
I knew that because, with his eyes shut, his lips opened a bit - and gave out a big smile. 
Big enough for someone who is asleep!
I wondered what he was dreaming about with a smile on my face.
A SMILE is so contagious - especially if it came from a baby!
Maybe he was dreaming about me, his mama, chasing after him around the living room.
That's one of his favorite games with us lately.

And another good thing to end the night was when I saw this trailer from one of my favorite movies:

It's probably in one of my top 5 favorite movies!
I can actually say some of the scripts already at the top of my head.
Sanka is just too funny! Love his character!
If you haven't seen it, I suggest you do.


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