May 08, 2010

Letter #1

Dear C,
It's close to mother's day.
You are peacefully sprawled on our bed, sleeping, while I am writing this note.

I remember last year on this holiday, you were still kicking around that tiny space in my belly.
Your dad and I were so excited to meet you.
And when we did, I felt an overwhelming feeling of the divinity of my role as your mother.
I immediately wanted to protect you and care for you and love you.

I love that wrinkled face when you smile, 
those eyes that digs through the deepest part of my soul,
the touch of those hands on my face,
those tiny toes that I couldn't resist to smell and tickle,
that little belly that I love to blow raspberries to,
those chubby cheeks that I've always wanted to squeeze,
the little hums you sing to yourself when I put you down for a nap,
the "crawling" games we play - especially chasing each other around the house.
I love your silly expressions, your curious observations, your excited babbles, 
I love everything about you! I love being your mom!
I just want you to know how blessed I am to have you for a son.
 I've come to know what it feels like to love someone completely when I met your dad,
but also when you came into our lives.
Thank you for giving mommy so much joy in life!
I love you, too!

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  1. awww.naiyak ako.HAPPY MOTHER'A DAY FRIEND.miss you and Caleb blog?


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