May 09, 2010

Mother's day

What better entry to post than that of about MOTHER'S!

(My siblings and I with our mom when we were young)

My mother, even though she NEVER told me, had a trying life before she met my dad... and even after.
But despite of all those challenges, she did her best to meet our needs.
I can literally call her super mama! (mothers are all super mamas!)
From when I was very young 'til I was growing up, I've watched her get up early in the morning to prepare our breakfast, our food for school (which I always hid in my drawers when I became a teenager and wanted pocket money better than packed lunches), our school uniform, and everything else before she even prepared herself to go to work.
She would come home late at night. My 6 siblings and I used to run to her whenever she comes home from work.
We need to do that more often ... we forgot to do that now.
We'd just stay seated on our seats and say hello.
That's how it was before - she'll leave with her children asleep, and come home to find them asleep again. She's lucky to find us awake!

Despite the disagreements with my Dad, she always tried to send some of us (if not all) to a private school just to give us a good education. She'll even squeeze her credit limit to the very last penny if she can.
She always had time to take us to window shopping at the mall or go to the Temple on weekends.
She was always willing to listen to our stories about school, crushes, etc. after she came home from work no matter how tired she was.
Of course, there were times she'd fall asleep on us. Haha!

She raised us well in the church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints).
And despite that effort, some of us became "lost."
But even though some of us were "lost," she never lost the faith that we will find our way back.
She still loved us so much!
Oh she did pray for us all the time!
I miss having FHE's with them.

She's really involved in her church callings, too.
She's got her hands loaded with things to do.
Now that we're all grown-ups, she usually spends her weekends doing her church callings.
But I am amazed how she was still able to do her callings when we were still little children.
Imagine having 7 children with lots of other things to do!
She looooves her grandchildren very much!
She makes sure she gets to spend time with them even though she's tired (like how she used to do it with us when we were little).
I love her very much!
I don't think I've shown her enough appreciation when she came to help us last year when we were expecting to give birth.
And I don't think I've shown her enough appreciation, nor have done anything good that she deserves, when she came again this year to help us take care of our son while we were busy packing up (we were moving out of HI).
But I love her so much!
I could never ask for a different mother.


(My in-laws with their grandkids 2 years ago)

My mother-in-law has got to be the best mother-in-law there is!
I am so blessed to have her as a mother-in-law.
It's rare that a daughter-in-law likes their mother-in-law.
She bakes awesome cookies!!!!!!!! I tell you that!
She listens to her children when they tell her something and you can really tell she's really paying attention.
She loves being with her grandkids!
If you come into their home, you'll see pictures of her children and grandchildren all around the living room!
She's a very patient mom, too.
I know, I could tell whenever my husband teases her. 
What I like most about her is how she doesn't forget to send even just a greeting card whenever there's a special occasion coming up (birthdays, holidays, etc) but most of the time, her cards comes with cookies she made and/or some other things she thinks we would like to have.
She's very thoughtful!
That's the personality that I want to acquire from her: thoughtfulness!
She's probably the most thoughtful mother I've ever known (aside from my mom, of course! Hehe!)

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  1. I think your mom is a great person too!
    Also thanks for your kind words, Lois! I am blessed that you are my daughter-in-law, and am so happy to have you in our family!


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