May 09, 2010

On Being a Mom

On being a mother, I can say I am still a newbie.
My son is only 10 months old, and I still have a lot to learn as a mother.
I am a stay-home mother. I chose to be a stay-home mother. 
When I was younger, I thought staying home with my kids will be easy.
But little did I know, it's a lot of work! And lots of love in return!
No amount of paycheck is worth the love we get in return.
Not even the sky, nor the universe, is the limit!
Those tiny toes that are so irresistable, those cute smiles that are contagious, the brush of those little hands on my face (or the tug at my hair, or the pinch at my lips, or the light slap on my face) while he nursed, those cute babbles of "blee blee blah waatooow wow wuck!", those loud giggles with a wrinkled face, the sweet hum he sings to himself while I cradled him to sleep - and most especially, those stares in his big round eyes as he observes my face with his little fingers digging through my facial skin.
The comfort he shows when I hug him - whether or not he's in pain - melts my heart with pure contentment!
All these, and many more big and small things that just fills my heart with so much joy!!
I never thought how being a mother could be so hard and yet so rewarding!
I dare not call it a job - no, siree! It doesn't even fit in that category.
It is a blessing! 
An opportunity - to grow as a person, to know how to love unconditionally, to give selflessly, to be understanding, to know how to listen, to know how to really care, to know how to be patient, to forgive ... TO BE CHARITABLE! 
And many more!
I love being a mother!
I'm so blessed to have been entrusted with this calling - to carry God's children, give birth to them, raise them in the Lord's way, and teach them things that will be useful to them when they grow up and that will someday help them go back to our Heavenly Father.
It is indeed a divine calling.

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  1. Being a mommy is the best job around, and I'm glad Caleb has you for a mommy:)


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