June 01, 2010


I feel inadequate today to be a mother.
I don't want to blame my past, my childhood, 
or anything bad that has happened in my life. 
I just feel inadequate to be given this calling. 
At least right now that's how I feel.
Being a parent is too divine and too important of a calling to hold.
There's a lot of things I need to work out with myself.
And those weaknesses make me feel inadequate.
And it really breaks my heart.
It really makes me cry.

But despite this feeling, I am glad that He has entrusted us, 
my husband and I,
to take care of His children 
and bring them up in righteousness.
That means He knows that we can do it. 
With His help.
And I need a lot of that to be a good mother.
His help. 
His examples.
His love... for all of His children.


  1. What's wrong?call me.ok?or chat.love you

  2. Oh Lois, Does it help to know that many mothers feel the way that you do from time to time, and to know that it will pass? I hope so! Just look at that little guy in the post below...so happy and lovable! You're doing a wonderful job with him:)

    Keep up the good work!!! XO

  3. lois. ill tell u a lil secret that sue sparks just stole from me: i think many many mothers feel the same way. at least i do. i definitely feel inadequate at times. but at the same time. ure doing an amazing job as a mother..im sure. as long as ure trying everyday. you're good and caleb loves u just the same. =)


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