June 19, 2010

It Was Just Yesterday

It was just yesterday
when Daddy and I walked out of the clinic.
He had a big smile on his face as he called family and friends
and proudly announced that we're having a son!
It was just yesterday 
when I often looked for something to eat.
It was just yesterday 
when I kept going to the restroom.
It was just yesterday 
when sleeping at night was hard because you loved to kick my lungs.
It was just yesterday 
when Daddy and I took long walks every night to get you going.
It was just yesterday 
when I was getting impatient for your arrival.
It was just yesterday... 
when I was alone in our apartment whenever your dad was gone.
It was just yesterday.
 Where did the time go?
 It was after I folded our clothes.
It was after a long ride to the hospital at midnight.
It was after 4 hours of "wanting-to-go-to-sleep-while-walking around" in the hospital.
It was after I got annoyed at the nurse and got the epidural so she'd stop bugging me.
It was after the water bag broke, the meconium, and the pee.
It was after a good "dawn" sleep, thanks for being drugged.
It was after 2 push practices while feeling numb.
It was after nurse Jill saw some tiny hair coming out.
It was after Dr. Chapman calmly sat down and said, "PUSH!"
It was after throwing up for the second time - that time, with bile.
It was after feeling really hungry and wanting to eat a whole roasted pig.
It was after I saw the excitement on your Daddy's face.
It was after I heard that cry, that loud cry,
that I it really kicked in - our lives will never be the same again.
It will be so much better.

Happy Birthday, son.
Daddy and Mommy loves you so much!

You've given us

Thanks for being a happy little fella.


  1. Happy birthday Caleb Tita Sam loves you as well.Miss you

  2. Wonderful post and beautiful sunlit photo! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Caleb! So happy that you're part of our family! We love you! XOXO

  3. These pictures are so cute. I love baby boys.

  4. Nabasa ko na ito noong kakapost mo pa lang at nag-enjoy ako.

    Nabasa ko ulit ngayon at natutuwa ako sa cute picture niya rito.

    Ang bilis ng panahon! Dalawa na sila ngayon.


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