June 14, 2010

The Web & the Modern Technology

(Picture taken from: Global Comm Class)

I am glad to have access on the Web all the time as long as I have means to connect to it.
I am glad for the modern technology available nowadays.
Through these, I am able to see my family - something that wasn't possible back in the days.
And not only see them but also hear them.
I get to send e-mails and receive their e-mails in real time, unlike the snail mail or a telegraph...
(I am still a big fan of snail mails though.
A person's own handwriting makes the letter so much more special).
  I get to post pictures for "just my family" to see as long as I make the right restrictions/privacy settings.
The Web and our technology these days has so many uses in ways that can either be good or bad for us.
As for me, it is my means to connect my family.
At least I can see them and talk to them despite the distance between us.

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  1. I'm so happy for the benefits of the internet too! I'm glad that you are able to stay connected and close to your family through it! Your other family loves you too! :)


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