July 21, 2010

Dagat, Kaibigan, Jeep, Traffic, "Fish balls," Carinderia, Pamilya, Atbp!





Fish Balls, Kikiam, Kwek-kwek



They all sound so good in my ears.
It's like a double treat for me this coming end of the year,
and beginning of next year.
I'll be seeing two of my three (now including California) homes.
First stop - Hawai'i!
We have a layover there for a day,
and so we'll be able to attend our friends' wedding reception.
See the beach.
Meet our friends.
I'm really excited!
Hawai'i has a special place in my heart.
And I would love to see that wonderful place one more time.

Next is my beloved homeland.
I've waited 6 long years for this!
I've always tried not to get too excited when we planned about going home.
Even until recently.
I was excited but I couldn't get my hopes up.
But, a miracle happened.
We are blessed with such supportive parents. 
Thanks, Papa and Mama Sparks, for helping us make this happen.
I will always be grateful for this!

Jeep! I want to see jeepneys!
Watch a bad traffic on the news 
(not actually be in the midst of it).
Eat fish balls and kikiam at the sidewalk of a school.
Buy some lunch or dinner at the carinderia.
Visit my husband's areas on his mission.
And most important of all, be with my family!
(Both my own, and my siblings and parents).

The family picture I have at the top is the most recent one I have.
Some people and nieces and nephew are not in the picture.


  1. Next time you'll all be in the picture!!! I am so happy for you! Six years is waaaaay too long!!!

  2. so so so excited.And so so happy.Mas mapapaaga uwi namin and we both get to experience the Pilipinas once again.


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