July 30, 2010

Free Prints

I am always happy when I get free photo prints from Shutterfly.

Last weekend, the site made a promo of 75 free 4x6 prints
so checked which pictures I needed for the baby book,
and some other extra photos 
(because I had to print exactly 75 4x6's for the code to apply)
for our baby's photo album ... someday... (I still need to buy a photo album).
I was HAPPY!!!
I just updated my Shutterfly Share Site earlier this week.
It has been idle since last year.
Earlier today, I made a folder of photos I wanted to print
from Shutterfly (still in progress)
so that when their code/s for free prints comes again,
ordering prints will just be a snap for me.
I checked my email tonight and VOILA!!!

Just by uploading pictures on my Share Site,
I get to have 20 free 4x6 prints!
Of course, I had to pay for the shipping fee.
Good thing I made that folder of photos to be printed,
or else I would've taken ages picking pictures I wanted to print.

So even though they didn't honor my "free photobooks" before
(twice in a row... and you know it takes a while to make a photobook
so it was kind of irritating when the code didn't work)
I still love Shutterfly!

(Hmm.. I wonder how many times I said "print/s" in this post... PRINT!)

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