July 12, 2010

"It could've been worse..."

That's our car being towed for the 2nd time last Saturday morning.
Here's what happened the night before:

We left Bakersfield at 6:30pm.
As we entered the freeway, I thought to myself,
"It's so nice to not have to worry anymore about our car breaking down."
I thought about that because when we were in Hawai'i,
we always had bad lucks in each of the cars we had.
Each and every one of those cars were "unreliable."
They always broke in a few weeks' time.
Every time we got a new "used" one, it broke.
So, I was relieved to know that the one we had was in great condition.

Well, I thought too early.
I think we were in the 57/60, driving at 70mph in the fast lane
when I felt really cold and I asked Jesse to turn the AC down a bit.
It was 9:00pm.
I noticed he acted nervous.
And just before I said anything,
he said, "hold on, something's wrong with the car!"
He did his best to pull over to the curb,
even though we were all the way on the other end of the freeway.
I'm glad we made it to the curb,
or else something worse could've happened
(car accident, being stuck in the middle of the freeway, etc).
The car had died as soon as we stopped on the curb.
No, it's not the battery.
We didn't know what was wrong then but it didn't sound good.

After a few minutes, I saw flashing lights on the car's side mirrors.
I looked behind the car and a police car was right behind us.
Like, every car was stopped by that police car.
It would've been cool if I caught it on camera.
It's rare that you experience things like that.
(Just trying to find humor about all these things).
So yah, they stopped the freeway so they could push our car
somewhere safer.
And what better place to choose than a theater's "loading zone only."
They left us after that.
I probably flushed all the browness on my face at that moment.
Imagine everybody in the theater staring at you and your car,
probably wondering why there was a police car with us in the first place.

It was 9:30pm.
We had already talked to Jesse's family.
Good thing they were already in L.A.
Much closer to us.
It could've been worse if they were far.
Or if our car broke in the middle of the 166 where there is no cellphone reception.
It was also good that we received Jesse's cellphone charger that night.
We left it by accident last week on his parents house.
And it came in the mail earlier that day before we left
and we were able to charge his phone.
It could've been worse if we didn't have a cellphone for them to call us back to.
We called the towing company, too.
It took them 45 mins. to call us back again and say,
"Oh, we're not gonna be there in another 20-25 minutes."
Great. C was really tired and sleepy.
But he was such a trooper.
He was getting a little fussy but he was still patient.
I took him out of the car for a little bit.
We didn't last long because it was cold.
Finally, the tow truck came!

I'm telling you,
riding in a tow truck vs. your regular car feels like
 watching movies on a big screen HDTV compared to your regular small TV.
C slept the whole time.
The fee was expensive, of course.
We had the car parked at a 76 gas station, where there was also an auto service.
But they were closed, so Jesse had to go back the next day.
C was amazed, again, as the tow truck put our car down on the parking spot.
That woke him up!

My sister-in-law picked us up.
The gas station was really close to the hotel we were all staying,
so it didn't take her long to arrive.

We spent the entire morning the next day figuring out what to do with the car.
The belt broke, and so did the valves and other stuff I can't remember.
It was really bad.
To fix it, it would cost around $2,500 bucks and it would take about 4 days.
Great! We can't leave our car there.
We were only gonna be in L.A. just for that day.
We let the Glaziers and the Roots go ahead to Disneyland while
Jesse and his mom tried to figure out what to do with the car.
It was a good thing that Jesse's cousin lived in the area.
So they asked him if we could temporarily leave the car with them and they said yes
so we had the car towed to their place.
(thus, the picture on the top)
Before the towing guy came, the owner of the auto service in the gas station
offered us to buy our car and pay us in cash.
And since we know we won't be able to get back what that car was worth,
his offer sounded really good.
But Jesse and his mom told him they'll think about it first.

After the car has been towed, we were able to go to Disneyland.
My mom-in-law lent us their van that night so we could drive home to Bakersfield.
My parents-in-law has been helping us a lot since we were married.
And this one is not the least of help we've received from them.
We are really thankful for them.
And we are thankful that we were safe on Friday night.
Despite the things that happened to us, we are still blessed that we are still all in one piece.

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  1. As I was reading this, I thought, once again, how Heavenly father was watching over all of you, and how grateful I am that you are all well and safe! I didn't realize that you just received the charger that day! Another blessing! Whew! XOXOXO


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