July 31, 2010

Online Privacy

I was reading some articles on Yahoo! News 
when I stumbled upon this article:

and this:

which then eventually lead me to this article:

which also then lead me to this site:

If you are not familiar with it, 
the torrent file used consists of majority (1 in every 5 users)
of Facebook users available for download.
The debate now is that, Facebook admins say the data collected is already
made available to the public through search engines like Google and Bing.
The users are the ones responsible for their privacy settings.
The security advocates, however, argues that Facebook admins should make
the default privacy settings to a more secure one.
For more details, read the articles I posted above and this one:

I just don't know about you guys.
People have very different opinions from each other.
Some say it's okay.
Some are hysterical about the publicity of their profile to the public
(that's why, if you don't want it that way, 
I am glad I found some old grade school and high school friends
through Facebook, and that it also
allows me to share photos with them and my family.
But I, for one, want a little privacy with what people
(yes, sometimes including my friends on Facebook)
see on my profile,
(they do see a TON less photo albums than I do when I view my profile)
or who can find me on search engines (both through Facebook itself,
or Google, or Bing).
This blog is searchable because I do want it public
in hopes that, if someone stumbles on this blog, it might brighten their day
even just a little bit through the posts I have.

If you decide not to update your privacy settings, 
at least change your password to a more secure one.
Make sure you remember it, though.. hehe!
If you are going to change your password,
use something that is at least 10 characters or longer,
because sometimes 8 characters are not long enough anymore these days.
Use a combination of capitalized letters, small letters,
numbers, and symbols.
The more unique
 (meaning don't use passwords using your children's our spouse's names, 
or pet's names, or anything too common about you), 
the longer, and the more variety of characters your password has,
the harder it is for people (or sometimes machines) to guess it.

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