July 22, 2010


(photo from BabyandPregnancy)

Jesse's been feeling sick since yesterday.
He had food poisoning, probably from the pasta he ate for lunch at work.

Anyway, he was still not getting some food down today,
and he was really hungry. 
I was so tired with C, I fell asleep in the afternoon.
By the time I woke up (for the nth time),
Jesse was lying next to me and giving me hints
to make him some dinner.
I didn't even know I've been sleeping for almost 3 hours.
Poor guy.
I meant to take care of him, too, besides C.

But since it was going to take me long to make dinner
(I still had to thaw the really frozen chicken and find something I can make it with),
we decided to just go out and eat.
He wanted to try eating something more solid than jello and crackers.

We went to Panda Express, which is only a block away.
But - Jesse didn't want any.
I think just the sight of solid foods make him nauseous.

Anyway, while I was in line,
there were these two siblings playing around the seats.
Their parents were in front of me in line.
Then I heard the big brother (probably 5 y.o. or almost 6) 
talk to his younger sister who is probably 3 or 4 y.o..:

Bro: "Hey, guess what?"
Sis: "What?"
Bro: "We can't marry each other when we grow up."
(by this time, I had a smirk on my face)
Sis: "Why not?!?"
Bro: "Because my teacher said siblings don't marry each other."
Sis: "Oh.."

I wanted to laugh.
Their dad noticed that I was trying not to.
His comment - "yeah, they learn a lot in school!"

Kids say the funniest things!

I hope Jesse will get well by tomorrow.

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  1. Poor Jesse! Maybe some toast will help. Hope he's better SOON!


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