August 02, 2010

10 Things that Reminds Me of (and that I miss in) the 8.0.8.

Here's the list (not in order):
(I got all the images through Google. They're not my own pictures)


Waimea Bay - I lived in HI for 5 1/2 yrs. straight
and I never had the chance to jump off that rock!

The typical barbeque plate lunch from L&L
(excluding the musubi)

Matsumoto's Shave Ice
(A friend corrected me saying it's "SHAVE ICE"
not "SHAVED ICE"... well, whatever!)

Orchid leis (actually it reminds me more of PCC than anything else)

This logo, not the actual flower

This particular image and also the real thing (honu)

Jack Johnson and surfboards, of course!

Shark's Cove - I loved snorkeling there
better than Hanauma Bay.

Pipi Kaula - one of my favorite foods I eat at the PCC (other than poke)
after work when I was still working in the Luau.


  1. It's hard to leave a place that was home for over five years(and all the memories), and such a beautiful place as Hawaii, but the best part got to take Jesse and Caleb with you!!! :)Hopefully someday you can go for a visit!

  2. You don't like musubi?? I guess that was something we grew up eating, although my mom never put spam in hers. We did eat our fair share of spam when my mom didn't feel like cooking a real meal :P I cross my fingers hoping for a day when we could be stationed at Hickam :)

  3. Ang sasarap tingnan nung mga food at ang gaganda ng mga lugar! Makakabalik din kayo diyan - sama ko! hehehe


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