August 15, 2010

First Impressions [Don't] Last

Even though I intend to post only positive things
in this blog,
I won't deny my negative feelings right now.
I have been really disappointed ever since we moved in.

There has been ups and downs for me
ever since we found this condo.
But despite my post title,
I am still thankful for this condo that we got.
At least we have a place to stay.
A NICE place to stay, even.
Even though most things are broken/missing,
it is still a nice condo.
Everything worked out for our own good.
Everything worked out through our Father's help.
That's what I know right now.
Even though I am upset, both at this place and at some people,
He knows what's in store for us here
that I don't know about at present.
And despite all my disappointments these passed days,
I know I need to only judge myself
and realize that I, myself, am imperfect.
I know we are here for a reason and a purpose
(besides my husband's graduate school)
that we don't know yet.
Only He does.
And I trust in Him.
I also know He will help me work out
things that are negative in me - my temper mostly -
and change it into something more wonderful.
More beautiful.
More Christlike.
Maybe forgiveness and patience.
Maybe to actually be able to do
"Love thy neighbor as thyself."
Who knows?
But through His help,
I will be able to overcome these negative feelings


  1. Sounds like you turned that frown upside down by the end of your post:)


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