August 24, 2010


We went to UNLV today to get Jesse's student ID
and buy some of his books.
It made me miss being a student seeing everyone walking by us.
It was a big change to see students with facial hair,
tattoos, girls with shorts where you could almost see their "bottoms,"
and all that.
At the same time, it made me think of the friends I've made in BYU-Hawaii... again.
I've always been thinking about them recently.
I am ALWAYS spending my days with Caleb.
It's not a bad thing.
But it's also good to have friends around,
like we did when we were in TVA.

My whole life, I NEVER had a HUGE group of friends.
The most number of close friends (the ones I always hung-out with) back home
were 8 girls.



I had some friends in Hawaii but 
I only had 3 close friends in BYU-Hawai'i and they had made
such a big impact in my life.
I am grateful that all of my close friends 
(whether they are members of the LDS Church,  or not)
respected my standards as an LDS.

I miss my friend who's always ready to try out new things.
Even though she's scared, she is more than willing to 
go through some changes,
and trust that she will be just fine.

I miss my friend, my best roommate, 
who puts up with my "out-of-tune" voice when we sing in our room.
Or the way we both just sit in front of our desks
and write in our journals on Sundays.
I just miss everything about her.!

I miss my friend who is always cheerful.
She always has a smile on her face, and she is always upbeat.
You would always want to be with her
and do fun things with her.
What I like the most is that she has a strong testimony
about the gospel (well, all three of these girls do).
I loved being with her.
It always made me happy no matter what my mood was,
or how my day in school or work has been.

(I was only a few days away from giving birth in this picture)

I do miss hanging out with our (meaning Jesse and me)
friends in TVA...
bringing some potluck on Sundays
and just hanging out with them.
It was fun!
Especially when we (the ladies) were all expecting a baby.
The guys just hung out there (in one of our friend's apartment)
 and played NBA LIVE 'til late at night
while the girls stayed in the bedroom and talked about ANYTHING.
Random things!
We even all went to the Big Island on Valentine's day last year.
It was a fun trip!

(That girl in white gave birth the day AFTER we flew back to Oahu)

I miss that.
I miss having friends around.


  1. Okay my eyes somewhat from tears.I am so touch.We miss you too.And I hear yeah.It is so different when you have your friends around.Being outside of Byuh like where we both are at now is somewhat challenging.Good thing we have good memories to remember.


  2. It's hard when everyone goes their separate ways and you can't be together anymore! I'm glad you guys were able to establish such great friendships, and I know wherever you are you'll make more friends!

  3. Lois: I know you miss... KATOL! haha jk Nate


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