August 31, 2010

I Loved Her First - by Heartland

I was digging through people's entries on
iheartfaces' challenge this week (photojournalism)
when I stumbled on this person's photo:

It reminded me of this song that I found on the internet
AFTER I got married.

How I wish I knew this song before we had our
wedding reception.
I would so totally pick this one out for our
father-daughter dance.
This song makes me miss my dad.

Oh yes, I was a mess when my husband and I arrived at the reception
because it was soooo windy outside when we were taking our photos
at the L.A. Temple.
But we were running late,
and I didn't want our guests to wait too long
so I didn't fix my hair anymore.


  1. Sweet song, and great photo of you and your dad! You're a natural beauty!

  2. I LOVE this song!! It was my daddy-daughter dance with my dad! Hehe. And this song was playin on our way home or something right after Reyna was born, and we were both just bawling thinking about it being her! Hehe. Thanks for sharing.


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