August 30, 2010

IHeartFaces Challenge - Photojournalism

iheartfaces' challenge this week is about photojournalism.
I've never done it before,
(or maybe I have without knowing it)
so I tried it and here's mine:

I just used Picnik because I don't have a Photoshop to
make a collage.
My husband and I took our son
to the Red Ridge Park to play at the playground.
He played there for a little bit.
Then my husband decided to look for some geocache around the area,
which led us to the baseball fields in the park.
Our son touched first base for the first time... Hehe!
And then they ran to second base.
On their way to third base, he saw a plane flying by.
Our son kept pointing at the planes that were flying by.
Of course, we happily obliged to look at them, too (thus, the picture at the top left).
He loves watching them!
It was a very nice day at the park.

Head on over to to see more photos
by other people... and don't forget to have fun while you're at it.. :P
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  1. Love the photo college, so sweet! Your baby is super cute!

  2. So stinkin sweet! Love these photos.

  3. Thanks everyone for your comments! I really appreciate them! :)

  4. LOVE THESE!! They remind me that every Sunday my two want to run the bases with Daddy at the Softball fields. Great Captures, your son is too cute!!!

  5. I love your photos and story. Wonderful entry!

  6. Thanks for your are right your little guys have a similar body shape. How cute. Love the collage. Great shots!

  7. These are precious. What special memories! Love your collage!

  8. Your little guy is too cute! What a fun collage!


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