August 26, 2010

Night Life

I love my nights with Jesse when C is asleep.
We do exactly what we love doing - either together or separate.
If I don't have the other laptop on,
we watch the TV show 24 through Netflix.
We actually just finished season 4 and we're about 
to watch season 5.

I have noticed this a few times whenever I don't
shutdown my mom's laptop
(she'll have it someday. For now, we're keeping it).
Our home turns in some kind of
(image from

He does his thing using his laptop 
(watch sports, Facebooking, Twittering, and what-not)
I do mine on my mom's
(blogging, Facebooking, looking at other people's handmade cards, etc.)
I actually want to capture both of us in my camera tonight,
facing our own laptops... haha! 
At least we have one thing in common when we
do things separately - FACEBOOK!
Whether we do things together or not,
I still love my night time breaks (from our curious and happy son) 
and spending it with my husband however we want it.

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  1. hmmm.... dapat mabasa ni jesse to! hehehe ;) anyway, ganun yata tlga prang nakakabit nasatin ang computer, laptop or phone kahit anung mangyari hehe lalo na pag may free wifi :D ganyan din kami ni jeh kaso ngaun nwlan syang ginagmit na laptop kaya share tuloy kami sa pc hehe pero mas gamit nia kac bc ako pag gcing c avery :) ingat lagi puntahan nmn kau pag napasyal kami jan sa vegas next yr!;)


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