August 03, 2010

No clothes, No Worries... Right...

It was this day in the US when I was born
in the Philippines.
So technically it's my birthday today!
Not tomorrow... haha! j/k...

My mom just shared her birthing experience a few minutes ago
and I just feel like thanking her 
through this blog, for giving birth to me.

I was born in a public hospital in Manila in the morning.
I won't say the name of the hospital or the place, though! 
My mom was pretty sure it was before 9:00am,
on the 3rd day of the 8th month, during the 85th year of the 20th century.
She went to the hospital with my grandmother (her mom),
her aunt (her mom's sister),
and my dad.
Right after they took my mom to the labor room,
my dad had to leave to go to school.
I think, if I recall it right, he said he had an exam that day for his
dental school.
My grandma and my mom's aunt left her, too.
They thought she was not going to give birth soon.

But then, they were wrong.
I came fast! 
Yeah! I was excited to enter this world!!!
But I didn't have any clothes to wear.
My grandmother had my things with her when she left my mother.
They (the public hospital) didn't let her use their stuff.
She had to bring my own clothes - but it's gone!
They didn't even give her some diapers!

Anyway, so she was still weak and dizzy 
(all seven children were born naturally and without drugs)
when they brought me to her.
There were about 50 patients in the ward.
She said, when they brought me to her,
a lot of people gathered around to look at me.
I was big for a Filipino baby.
8 lbs. 4 oz.
They were all happy to see me.

Then, my mom said, I pooped.
I didn't have any extra diaper to wear, so she just used the clothes
she was wearing when she entered the hospital.

My grandmother and her sister didn't come back to the hospital
'til late afternoon with my things.
The room where my mom was in had a "caged window."
My grandmother and her sister couldn't get inside the room,
so they just handed my things over through the window.

My mom's aunt waited by the window
(they only allowed one person at a time to wait by the window)
while my mom got me dressed.
And then as she was going to take me to her aunt,
she felt dizzy instantly and she almost fell with me.
But, motherly instinct kicked in, 
she held me tight and protected me.
(Dramatic sound in the background....)

So yeah....
that's my birth story.
It's not at all like my son's birth story,
where we had everything ready - for my husband,
myself, and our baby - when we went to the hospital.
I had my husband and my mother with me when I gave birth.
I was even drugged (a.k.a. epidural).
Poor mom, she had to go through the excruciating 
labor pains all by herself
and then I didn't have anything to wear,
not even a diaper. 
I love my mother!
Thank you for bringing me into this world.

My mom and I

That's me with my grandma, my aunt, and my brother.
I think I can see my son's face in this picture! 

That's me with my mom's aunt.


  1. Not even a diaper!?! Thanks for sharing your birth story! I definitely see Caleb looking at your baby pictures:) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! XO

  2. Happy happy birthday!awesome story by the

  3. Kakaiyak :). Love you, too, and thank you, too!

  4. ang cute ng picture ng mama mo ung pangalawa. ang laki mo pla nung baby ka. asar naman ung hospital bat dika binigyan ng diaper? kailangan bayad muna?


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