August 02, 2010

Philippine December and Giant Lanterns

One major thing I am proud of in my hometown
(now Pampanga, instead of Manila where I was born),
is the beautiful lanterns on display at the streets during Christmas season.

(I grabbed this picture from the Web)

Even though it was sometimes at night, 
I really liked going home from school when I was in high school
because I could see these lanterns up and "dancing" at that time of the day.
I look forward to seeing these beautiful things
again soon.

We won't be able to see the "Ligligan Parul" 
(Giant Lantern Festival) when we go home.
I think I've only seen it once or twice my whole life in Pampanga.
But it's really cool.

(Grabbed from OurAwesomePlanet)

These lanterns are HUGE!
Measuring 18 feet in diameter and dancing to the beat of the background music,
it's one of the most fun activities we do in Pampanga 
every Christmas season
(aside from the Catholic midnight mass and puto bumbong afterwards).
(Puto Bumbong - from Burnout Case)

This lantern won the festival 3 yrs. ago...
Barangay Telabastagan - where we were living by the time I left my
beloved home country.

Aaah.. someday, someday... :)
For now, I'm very excited to celebrate the coming of 2011
with firecrackers in our backyard
and huge blasts of fireworks from our neighbors.
Oh, and the fact that you can barely see each other
due to clouds of smoke everywhere!

Oh man, isn't it pretty obvious that I'm so excited to go home?
It's not even Thanksgiving yet and I'm already
talking about Christmas and New Year...


  1. Exciting! i miss eating puto bong bong favorite christmas food ko yan. I know you'll have a blast and Caleb we'll enjoy the fireworks just not the loud noise.

  2. What a sight to see! the lanterns are so big! I'm glad you'll be able to see them again:)

  3. The Telabastagan Lantern won as Champion for two consecutive years after that one in the picture. :)

    You will still see the lanterns being sold along the highway.

    I remember when you were just kids, we'd go to the stalls and just watch the lights of the lanterns.


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