September 19, 2010

3 more months

C is 15 months old.
I can't believe it!
3 more months and C will be
 in the nursery at Church.

During his last well-baby checkup, 
he still weighed 20 lbs.
I don't know how long he's been 20 lbs,
but it's been a while.
He's 31 inches long now- almost half of my height!
I'm pretty sure he's gonna be way taller than me someday.
He says "uh-oh" whenever he drops something.
His emphasis on the "oh" part is so cute!
I love it!

He loves fruits!
Bananas, peaches, oranges, & strawberries.
But we had to stop him from eating
"clementines" (or mandarin oranges) and strawberries
because he always gets bad rashes on his butt.
He prefers to feed himself now,
but Daddy still lends him a hand every time - 
probably until we get a protective covering for our carpet.

He loves to read books.
He loves to do silly things like lick me in the face
right after he gives me a sweet kiss.
He loves electric fans, airplanes, cars and wheels.
He loves "where's the [blank]" game.
He can point to his nose, mouth, eyes, and ears
if you ask him where they are.
He loves his bath time at nights.
He has more fun with it if Daddy's the one giving it to him.
Mommy's a little boring at bath times.
He loves the alphabet song.
He loves to dance!
He loves chasing us around or us chasing him.
It gives him lots of laughs.
I love it!
He loves to cuddle,
play with my hair,
blow raspberries,
and many other things!
He just likes to be a happy little boy 
in this little family!


  1. Aww!! He's getting so big and smart!!!! hehe. just like mommy and daddy of course. miss you guys!!

  2. What a happy little guy he is! You two are doing a great job with him!


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