September 03, 2010

IHeartFaces Fix-it-Friday #69

It's Fix-it-Friday over at iheartfaces.
For those of you who don't know, Fix-it-Fridays are, obviously,
every FRIDAY of the week where the owners of the website uploads
a photo taken either by themselves or by their official contributors.
Followers then can download the image and edit 
the photo however they want as long as they don't  claim copyrights
on their edited versions because the photo taken isn't theirs.
They they'll post their edited versions on their blog back to the
iheartfaces website.

Today's picture is owned by Rachel Durik.


I have always been reluctant to try this out because 
I am not really good at editing photos.
But then, that's why I'm trying to give this a shot.
I will also be looking at other people's edited versions of this photo
to learn from them and get some good ideas on how I can
edit my own photos better someday.

But for now, please bear with me.
Here are my edited versions:

 (using Digital Photo Professional):

(Using Picnik)


  1. I like it,Lois:) I really need to learn how to use Picnik!

  2. I love picnik! So much fun! Great edits!

  3. Such great edits! And Picnik is the bomb ;) I love the last one!

  4. Very nice! I like the warm, vintage feel to the last one, but the crisp, classic, high-contrast b/w (first edit) is beautiful, too! Great job.


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