October 20, 2010

Choice Generation

Our son turned another month older.
I had a mommy moment.
This is a beautiful world we live in.
I know it.
But I am also aware of things that Satan is using to ruin the
people who are living here.
I was thinking of how bad the "world" is becoming.
It is even worse than what I remembered it to be when I was young.
There are so many things now that are considered
"common" or "normal" which were not normal for some years before.
People are becoming more and more desensitized to things that are

On TV shows, there are some scenes 
that are shown that wouldn't have been shown some years ago.
Or jokes that are said that are actually inappropriate.
I also heard a commercial about "Supercuts" on the radio the other day,
how they were comparing a "Supercuts" haircut versus a regular one.
And one comparison said something that goes like this,
"A regular haircut will only get you girls in the bar,
but a Supercuts haircut is like making breakfast for the girls the morning after."
In my head, I was like, "what?!?"
It's because now, people think it's okay and
there's nothing wrong with it.
(Image Source: ©iStockphoto/teen texting/ roundhill)

Gadgets (especially cellphones) are flying here and there, 
with a better version one after the other,
urging us to stay connected to the "world" every second of our lives.
Because of this, "sexting" (you get the meaning) are getting even more and more
common now with teenagers.
I didn't even know about that until recently
(I read it from Times).

I was just thinking about all these things for the last
few weeks now,
and I was wondering if I can do this - to raise our children 
in a way that they will be strong against the temptations of the world,
that they will be steadfast in their faith in Christ,
and that they will hold strong to the gospel.
I really really want my Caleb to be strong.
If I could, I would just shield him (and our future children) 
from everything that is bad.
But everybody knows that I can't do that.
They WILL see the world for both the good things
and the bad things it has.
But it is our role as parents to teach them the teachings of the Lord,
and to also live those teachings ourselves - so that they can
see that we, their parents, are living what we are teaching them.
I am hoping that that will help our children
be strong in the gospel and the ways of the Lord.

I found this talk from the LDS Website given on April 1985,
just a few months before I was born, 
and I think Elder Neal A. Maxwell portrayed my thoughts well.
Here are just some of them:

"We have long heard, and believed, that the Lord has reserved 
special spirits to come forth in the last days
of the last dispensation.
The Church's rising generation... are a part of that vanguard.
Reserved by the Lord for this time, 
they must now be preserved by parents and prepared
for their special moment in human history!
They have been held back to come forth at this time,
but now they need to be pushed forward to meet their rendezvous."

"... this rising generation is the first generation to be reared
in a time when society's other institutions,
previously supportive of certain moral standards,
have been largely neutralized, 
or worse, secularized.
This rising generation, shorn of such external support systems, 
must therefore believe 'because of the word' - and behave 
because they believe!" (Alma 32:13-14)

As we all know, current film, music, art, and theater
too often promote drugs, alcohol, pornography, and promiscuity.
This is not simply a temporary tidal wave which, ere long, will pass.
IT is the wave-tossed secular sea itself!
And that tempest will not subside until He comes,
and all the winds and the waves, once again, obey His will.

Hence, this is not a time for busy or preoccupied parents
to leave our youth unloved, unattended, or untaught.
These special spirits deserve better than such parental disregard.

Since we cannot always adequately influence
the external world in which we live,
we should make our homes real Latter-day Saint homes.
Parents should see to it that the music, films, and literature
which are in our homes reflect a true Christian culture.
Parents cannot count much on the media
to uphold traditional standards."
- Elder Neal A. Maxwell


  1. Wow, and that was said 25 years ago!
    I'm grateful that our Father in Heaven provides us with so much assistance in regards to filtering out all the counterfeit messages in the world and adhering to His truth, for ourselves and our children(grandchildren). It's a blessing offered to each one of us on this earthly journey. I think He especially helps parents! :)

  2. You know I was thinking the same before I gave birth and once in a while when I have moments to contemplate.And like you I wish I could just shield him from the craziness of the world. But he also needs to grow,learn and be his own unique individual.

    Now it is our challenge as parents to be a good example and to raise them well.My mom once told me that once a child knows that he is loved he will feel secure.Once he is secured he will be a lot wiser in his decision in life.Why?Because he won't do things that will hurt the people that he knows loves him the most.

    And I know you and Jesse are great parents to little Caleb.If only our kids can grow up together.That would be awesome!

  3. I also thought that Sis Wixom's talk gave me some hope as to how it will all work out. Teaching is the only thing you can do, because we all have our agency. The only way our kids will be able to use it correctly is if we teach them!


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