October 14, 2010

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

I think most, if not all, parents out there experience
having their toddlers use the walls
and everything else in the house as their personal
gigantic canvas.
We have recently joined the club.
But at least our son's writing instrument
wasn't something like a permanent sharpie,
paint, crayons, or other things that can be hard to erase.

He used a standard ball-point pen...
("some" of C's artwork on our wall)

I couldn't upload the pictures of the other "scribbles" that C did
so I'm just posting this one.
Well, most parents out there probably know the trick
to get rid of their toddler's masterpiece.
But I didn't know until it happened to me and
a couple of mothers told me about this product:
I can't find my pictures of our wall before and AFTER my husband
used this magic eraser thing.
But it definitely works!
The wall even became whiter than it was before.
I'm impressed!
You just wet it with water and then scrub it on the surface.
Pretty cool, huh?
My sister-in-law said she actually was able to erase her son's
permanent sharpie markings on their wall.
So if you haven't heard about it and you need something to fix the
masterpiece of your little Michaelangelo,
try this one.

yikes! Now I'm really sounding like a momma blogger.

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