October 03, 2010


Photography, among many other things (playing guitar, scrapbooking,
making greeting cards, drawing, etc),
is something that I love doing, and (like those "other things") 
is something that I haven't had any classes taken to learn it,
and something that I am not really good at... yet.

I've had a passion for taking photos ever since I was in high school.
But I didn't get to do what I love to do.
My first time to have my very own film camera
was when I left the Philippines to go to school in BYU-Hawaii.
Then it broke after only a couple of weeks of using it.
So I waited (it was a long wait for me)
'til I had enough money to buy my own camera.
I bought it, I think, towards the end of 2005.
It was a digital camera! A Samsung Digimax S500 (5.1 megapixels)

It was my birthday present to myself!
I was so happy!
I took pictures everywhere.
These are some of my first photos with it:

Laie Temple grounds

Taken at McKay bldg. (BYU-H)

Laie Temple front entrance

Fijian Village (Polynesian Cultural Center)
This particular "album" (my PCC album) is a good
reminder to me that I need to get better.
We had a final project to turn in in my History class,
and we had to turn our project with some photos of what our topic was about.
I forgot why I chose to take photos at PCC
(It had to do something with intercultural thing)
and my instructor/teacher didn't believe me that I was the one
who took this picture (along with the others)
because, for her, they seemed to good of pictures for me to have taken it.
Even showing her my camera didn't work.
She thought I could've asked somebody else to use my camera.
I was upset that she didn't give me the grade I deserved 
for my project just because she didn't believe me.

Anyway, back to the topic...
It (my Samsung camera) served me for a good number of years
before it gave up.
I was pregnant with C then.
Then I used Jesse's digital camera.
And then for some reasons, he bought me the kind of
camera I've always been dreaming about since high school.
For my birthday.
I seriously didn't expect it.

(image from buycamerasale.info)

I was like, "YEAAAH!!!!"
Of course, I had to shoot our little monkey almost everyday!
Here's one of the very first shots:
C was 2 months old here.
Some other baby pics that I like
(I copied the URL from Facebook so the quality is bad):

I never had any classes taken for this passion.
I tried, but other class schedules got in the way
and I didn't have money to buy an slr.
Sometimes it makes me think, 
why didn't I just go for a major that I was really interested in
(not that computer bunch thing)
like photography with a minor in art? 
Something like that.
Oh well.
Here are some of my favorite imperfect photos
(I just copied the URL from my Facebook album so the quality is bad):

C's little feetsies - 4 months old? (Sunset Beach)

Another day at Sunset Beach
(Oh how I miss this kind of sunset!)
Somewhere on our way to San Francisco
while inside the car.
Santa Barbara Zoo
Santa Barbara Zoo
Riverwalk Park (Bakersfield)

If you've been following my every blog posts, you know that
I tried entering some photos at iheartfaces.
It's a fun website.
But seeing other people's work made me feel like I'm not supposed to
join their weekly challenges at all.
They're all oh so good.
Even the ones who say they're amateurs, or newbies.
Oh well. 
Maybe when they have a challenge that I can do,
then I'll probably go back.

Take note: I am NOT a professional photographer.
I don't see myself as one until I really learn how to be one.
I hope I can be one someday.
I am still learning... by myself... with all the resources I can get.
I have lots of room to learn!


  1. When you have the eye and the passion for photography sometimes other resources(tutorials etc) becomes secondary. With that being said I am your number one fan.Keep it up. You're seriously great. I am glad you have at least something that you like to do unlike me.I think I'm still trying to figure mine out till now.lol

  2. awwww!!!! i miss his hair!!! hehe...something about hte short hair just looks too mature. hehe. but very nice pics!

  3. Don't be discouraged, Lois! Just keep at it...I think you're doing great! As long as you enjoy it, that's what is most important:)

    I can't believe your instructor didn't believe you! Maybe you should have filed a complaint!


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