November 09, 2010

10+ Things I Learned From C

I've been saving this post as a draft for a while now. I couldn't seem to finish it (along with the other drafts I have in this blog). 

As you all know, I am spending my mornings and afternoons with our little guy, 5 days a week. I've put his dad on the spot a lot of times before and I think it's time that our little guy got his. After all, he's been giving me things, well more like teaching me some things without even knowing it. Yeah, I'm the mom - I teach him things but I am aware of it. He's not aware of the things he's teaching ME. For example:

"Mommy, I don't need that key toy that looks almost the real thing. I am perfectly satisfied with your keys even though you think they're dirty." or "Mommy, pots and pans are good enough for me."
Lesson: I don't always need brand new things. Sometimes what we have at home will suffice.

"Mommy, can you please get me that book? I want to read it even though you've read it to me a hundred times before."
Lesson: Reading is good! :P

"Mommy, I'm right beside you cuddling your legs. Can you get off of Facebook for a minute and cuddle with me?"

*sniff* "I'm sorry, mommy... /It's all right, mom. I forgive you." 
Lesson: Ask for forgiveness when you do something wrong and don't hold grudges.

"What's that? Ooooh... a leaf! What's that? Oooh, an airplane! What's that? Oooh.. a dog! A cat! A cow! A bird! A pine cone! A truck!..."
Lesson: Enjoy life's simple pleasures.. like Sebastian said, 'just look at the world around you!'

"Step! Step! Step!" (climbing up and down the stairs) "Tluck!" (saying 'truck')
Lesson: You will not progress if you don't try it and if you don't keep on practicing.

"Mmmmwaaaaaah!!!!" (he'll actually say that now when he gives us kisses).
Lesson: Always express your feelings of love towards your loved ones, both in action and in words.

"...... I'm hungry ..... "(waits without getting cranky)
Lesson: Patience is a virtue

"Weeeee!!!!" (slides off of the couch/my back/my legs)
Lesson: You don't need expensive things (a slide in this one, for example) to have fun!

"Hahaha!!! Hahaha!!!" (Laughs whenever he sees Jesse and I roughhousing)
Lesson: Children can see their parents love and appreciation towards each other and it makes them happy when their parents are happy together.

PS. It made our hearts melt when he put his hands (he's not able to fold his arms.. yet) together when we told him, "Time for prayer!" one night. It's so cute! We didn't teach him that consistently through words, but I am sure he's been watching us how we did it. LESSON: Children learn from our examples (our actions), not just from our words alone.


  1. Wonderful post, Lois! Look at all Caleb has taught you and he's not even two! What a sweetheart!

  2. So so true.Really our children teach us so many things in their own little way.And those are the moments we shouldn't forget. I feel so blessed to stay home with D because I am able to see his progress and learn from his example.


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