November 24, 2010

I Feel My Savior's Love

Thanksgiving day is coming!
And so I would like this post to be special.

I was waiting for my son to wake up this morning
so I played some Primary songs in our laptop.
Then I heard one of my favorite Primary songs, "I Feel My Savior's Love."

I am thankful for our Savior.
I am eternally indebted unto Him.

He knows me more than I know myself.
He knows that I can do the things that I think I can't.
He loves me more than I know how to love others, even now
that I am a mother.

I am thankful that He blessed me with
a husband who loves me; who cares for me; 
who makes me want to be a good wife to him, and
a good mother to our son;
who honors his priesthood; and who does his best to be a
good example in our little family.
I am eternally blessed by just having him in my life.
The Lord knows how broken I was before I met my husband,
and He answered my prayers when He
introduced Jesse to me.

I am thankful He blessed us with C. 
Our little buddy gives us joy as parents every single day.
His laughs and smiles, and "new tricks"
fills my heart with so much joy each day.

I am thankful He blessed me with my parents-in-law
that are so nice to me and my little family.
Not a lot of sons/daughters-in-law get along well with
their parents-in-law.
But we do, and I love them.

Even though my family back home isn't perfect, I am still thankful 
that He blessed me with them. 
I have learned a lot from my own immediate family.
And I love them all.

Come to think of it, families are all that matter in this world.
In the plan of salvation/happiness, 
they are the ones you will see again after this life - not your big house,
or classy car,
not your paycheck, or your nice clothes -
but your family.
Family is all that matters to me,
from when I was just a small child to when I became 
a wife.


  1. Very well said my friend!Happy thanksgiving!


  2. So many blessings, and you are one of ours! :) XOXO


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