November 30, 2010

Patience and Trust

Last week, during our drive to Santa Maria, CA (from Las Vegas), my husband and I were talking about things that I hadn't realized before.

My husband is a good planner. We rarely think about our long-term goals. But he plans his short-term goals well. And most of the time, he sticks to it just like his decision to take an Accounting major, get my number after class, befriend me, marry me, raise a family with me, be an intern, get his Bachelor's degree, and pursue his Masters in Accounting. There was one day while we were packing up in Hawai'i (to leave - permanently), he saw one of his papers we had in one of his (or ours? can't remember) Accounting classes. It was about their goals and he wrote that he wants to go for his internship and be done with his Bachelor's degree by April 2010 - AND he was able to do just that.

Towards the end of his internship in Bakersfield, he was approached multiple times by those in higher position than him and offered him a job there if he changes his mind (not to go for his Masters) and decides to stay in the company. IT WAS A BIG, SHORT FORK on the road. It was like trying to decide at the last minute if you'll change lanes and take the "Exit Only" lane in a 65 mph freeway or stay on your course. On one hand, we wanted to go for his Masters because the possibilities of landing a good job is better that way but we didn't know what to do with our finances while he's in school (he planned to be a full-time student). On the other hand, staying with the company was a guarantee that he will have a job even though they haven't told him yet which job it was. The recession was merely over so having been offered a permanent job in that company was a big deal.

I could tell he,  as the breadwinner of our small family, was having a huge debate in his mind which road to choose. I was confused, too, but I was ready to support him in whatever road we chose. And I'm so blessed to be married to such a worthy priesthood holder who puts his trust in the Lord. We took the exit off of the "people with jobs" freeway. Sure, it would've been easier to just stay in the company and be confident that he would bring home more than just the bacon everyday (fried rice and orange juice? Hehe). But we were prompted to pursue his goal and I'm glad we did.

We had a hard time looking for a home in Las Vegas. We were getting close to moving out from Bakersfield and we still haven't found our home. But the Lord was always helping us. He knew just what we needed and He helped us find this home where we are living now. It wasn't a happy beginning either. I was actually upset for DAYS! Our patience was tested (thanks to our neighbor downstairs) since day 1 of our move. And patience is something that is not practiced well in my family back home so it was a BIG challenge for me. Maybe it was the Lord's humorous way of teaching me how to lengthen my patience in everything. I still have to work on it, but I can say I am now more able to lengthen it "a little longer" than usual. Thanks to my personal trainer downstairs.

Because of the difficulty we had in finding a home in Las Vegas before we moved out of Bakersfield, my husband was convinced he needs to work while going to school. It was hard looking for a job. And it was a lot more of a challenge knowing that Las Vegas was one of the cities that was hardest hit by the recession. He found one but he eventually knew he didn't like it there. I was kind of scared when he quit right away. Although I know his skills as an employee and a coworker was great (and his knowledge of the job he has to take), because of the recession I wasn't sure if he'd find another job again. He had some other interviews here and there and still no job. But with perseverance and patience and trust in the Lord, he found "THE" job. He loves it. It seems like he actually wants to stay in this job for a long time. We both think it's better than the job he had with the company where he was an intern. Thanks to his job now, too, we have a good health insurance.

Now that we look back, I know MORE than ever that everything falls into place when you follow God's plan for you and as long as you're willing to make some changes with your own plans (like how my husband changed his plan from being a full-time student w/o a job to being a part-time student and working full-time). We didn't know how we were going to make it before we moved to Las Vegas but we just sucked our fears in and put our trust in the Lord. The lyrics, "Jesus take the wheel, take it from my hands 'cause I can't do this on my own. I'm letting go..." (by Carrie Underwood) is actually ringing in my ears right now about how to describe our feelings back then. Now, we found a very nice place to live in that is in our budget, our patience is constantly being tested (and thus improving even just one drop at a time), my husband landed a GREAT job that he REALLY loves, and a great ward in Church. Oh, and A PLUS FOR ME! MORE FILIPINO STORES CLOSE BY EVERYWHERE!!! Haha!


  1. I'm glad to hear that Jesse likes the job so much!! And thanks to you guys we've found an apartment that we love too! Although it sounds like you don't like it so much... and you never know until you move in for real, but we are still excited! I hope this means we'll be in the same ward too! It would be great to have you guys to hang out with! We owe you guys so much!!

  2. My patiience is always tested cause sometimes I always want it done my way and as soon as possible.Yes,I am somewhat of a control freak.But really you know it doesn't always happen the way you wanna it to be.So my patience are always being tested and my trust in the Lord have grown so much ever since I got married.

  3. What a great post! Your Father in Heaven will NEVER let you down! I'm so happy for you, Jesse and Caleb:) (I love that Carrie Underwood song too.)XOXOXO

  4. We truly are blessed when we try and do what the Lord wants us to do. Hope things keep falling in place for you guys. Maybe your pesky neighbor will move away...


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