November 11, 2010

What We Don't Have and Why I'm Glad We Don't Have Them

We've been married for 2 1/2 years now. And we still don't own (not part of our rent) much in our house. But you know what, I am glad we don't. I mean, we do have the basic appliances we NEED - like a rice cooker (yes! RICE!!! good thing my husband likes rice too), iron and ironing board, bread toaster, kitchenaid mixer (a gift), an old tv and a basic dvd player (it doesn't even have an eject button except for the remote control.. ha!)

One day I was thinking about what we don't have or what we don't do (much). And it actually made me thankful that we don't, mostly for the fact that it saved us A LOT of money. Here are a few of them:


*Cable/Satellite tv

Even though I don't get to watch some tv, it's okay with me. I spent my college days in Hawai'i not watching ANY tv shows at all. Sure, there was a t.v. set in our hale lounge, but thanks to my major, it left me little time to watch tv. I did watch some movies in my computer, though.

Believe it or not, we didn't have tv in our apartment in TVA when we were married for about 22 months... not until probably our last 2 months there. And we only had tv because our friend, Nate, brought their tv upstairs (they lived downstairs in the same building) in our apartment the day the state of Hawai'i announced a tsunami WATCH. The tsunami didn't happen (thank goodness! yes, even though people all over the island woke up way early to get ready and got on higher grounds) and Nate probably got lazy to take his tv downstairs (they had 2, one was given to them, I think) so he left it with us 'til the day we (the Sparks and the Taylors) both left Hawai'i. I used to watch Discovery Channel and Food Network and nothing else.

For now, Netflix is good enough for me. We have the one dvd at a time plan, but we're thinking of upgrading to the 2 dvd's one but we're not sure yet.

* Videogames

YES! YES! I'm glad we don't have videogames! Although sometimes I wish we do - when we have our friends over for a few days and they don't have anything to do. But think about how much money AND TIME people waste on videogames? Seriously, when something new comes out (for example, Call of Duty - Black Ops), people go crazy about them - and then waste their time playing.

I do like playing videogames, though. And that's the problem. I can get hooked to one if we have them. I used to play videogames with my siblings (Nintendo Family Computer, anyone?) but that's probably the last game console I ever touched before we met the Gellor family (they had an xbox and the husbands used to play NBA Live '09 [I think] when the ladies were still pregnant).


* Be total shopaholics

I've noticed that my husband and I don't really buy things for ourselves. Sure we'd get ourselves new clothes once in a long while when our old clothes either don't fit us anymore or shrank too small (does that really happen? hehe!) because of the the washer. Haha! I don't buy cosmetics because I don't wear makeup anyway (due also to the fact that I don't know how to put my makeup on). We hardly buy ourselves new footwear. Seriously, I'm glad we are not crazy about shopping for new things and we only buy the things that we need.

* Eat out every week

I can probably count in my hands how many times a month we eat out. But that changes whenever my in-laws are with us.  They are always so kind to us to take us out for dinner or buy something for dinner. We are trying hard not to eat out a lot, and I think we've progressed last month. I hope we can keep it up. Jesse eats out sometimes for his lunchbreak when he's not able to take some lunch (my definition of lunch) to his work from our home (which is quite a lot of times, my bad). Sometimes he just brings his definition of lunch: some fruit, a couple of sandwiches (or just one if it's bagel), some snacks, and a drink. MY definition of lunch is ANYTHING that I can eat with rice!

I would go on but I don't want this post to be too long. So I'll stop here.

Don't get us wrong, though. We're still normal people with a wish list. Right now we're waiting 'til we can afford to buy a tv that is compatible with Netflix so that we can watch our "online streaming" movies from there (and not from our computer). I'm kind of excited to get one so Caleb and I can watch his Thomas and the Train, Sesame Street, etc. properly without breaking the keyboard. It doesn't have to be a 3D tv. 3d's make me dizzy! We thought of the wii before to play Netflix movies from there, but we might end up buying some video games too. So we're opting for a tv where we can play movies from Netflix.

Next to our "wish list" is a dvd/blu-ray disc player. But we're not that hopeful about it, I think. Our dvd player right now is good enough.

The most important thing, though, not to forget whenever Jesse brings home his paycheck is our tithing. I've always had a strong testimony about paying our tithing. I had a stronger testimony about it when I went to college in BYU-H. Sometimes we forget to bring our check the following Sunday after his payday but we always make sure we pay our tithing a.s.a.p.


  1. I don't like video games either. And I am glad we don't have one.I hate xbox hahahaha.

    I also have a strong testimony about tithing.

    We don't eat out that much either. I am glad I am getting better in making meals. Ever since I got married I learned to actually avoid being a shopaholic.

    Anyway my thoughts are scattered but nice post. :)

    We're going to see you guys soon.And I am so so excited.

  2. We love streaming netflix to our TV. It's way cheaper than cable and no annoying commercials.

    We do have a Wii console and we're probably getting a PS3 to replace our blu-ray player. Hopefully I don't lose my husband to Call of Duty. :P We have fun playing Wii games as a family though.

    It's good to keep our wants in check and live within our means. It's crazy how far in debt some people get as they try to keep up with the Joneses.

  3. I have to admit that I used to be a shopaholic and my husband and I used to go out and eat like 4 times a week. But since we had Arianna, it changes everything. We buy things that we need. We make meals in the house. We only have basic cable, no video games. We decided to pay off our debts and we are doing good. =) I think Pres. Ezra taft Benson once said that "pay thy debt and live". My husband is not a member so I told him that we are doing the right thing. =) and sometimes it's still hard for me to pay tithing because my husband still doesn't understand the law of tithing. =(

    Anyway, it's a good post Lois! It reminded me to be grateful of what I have. Thanks!


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