December 13, 2010


This is my first cross-stitching experience ever. The photo shown above was taken a long time ago. But because of being a stay-home mom playing with my son as long as he's awake, cleaning, writing in my journal more than posting in my blog, and trying to finish reading the Nevada Driver's license manual (snail progress, I tell you! Probably 2 pages every 2 weeks), I stopped doing this after I took a picture of it. But I recently started doing it again. I was kind of lazy to take a picture of my progress. I've now covered the whole right side of the star-fish except for the wordings (right side if you're facing the computer, left side if it's from the starfish's pov). I'm about to continue sometime today or tomorrow cross-stitching the clam shell or whatever it's called (at the bottom) going upwards on the left side all the way to the top of the starfish.

I realized another hobby I like doing - cross-stitching. The con, though, is that it would most likely make me lose my eyesight pretty early on. Well not maybe lose my eyesight, but affect it negatively. So I can't say I want to pursue this hobby that much. Maybe one more and then I'm done. I've been a computer major for 7 years and facing the computer all the time for projects, programming, homework, and readings were enough to "degrade" my vision a little bit. I recently noticed my vision is starting to fail me when I try to look closely at some things. It always happens, too, when I am trying to "edit" (if you call that editing) some of the pictures I've taken before uploading them in my Shutterfly account. It's like foggy/blurry, or like something was blocking my eyes. Maybe I'm just far-sighted but I've never experienced having trouble looking at things really close to me before.

I've gone way off the topic. Anyway, I plan to finish this cross-stitch before this year ends, before Christmas actually. I don't know yet whom to give this to, but I want to give it to someone. This is kind of special to me because it's my first cross-stitching experience and project, and I have a message in mind that goes along with the words, Take Time. I'll update this post when I've completed this little beautiful thing.


  1. I used to cross-stitch. I've actually contemplated picking it up again, but I'm not sure if I have the patience. My eyes are already ruined though so I don't have to worry about that. lol

    Your project is looking good. Keep at it and it will be finished in no time.

  2. You're just a natural crafter!:)
    I have the feeling that with this computer generation more people may have eye troubles. Maybe both of you should get your eyes checked since you have health insurance:)


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