December 19, 2010


I made this card for a family who are members in our ward at church. 
They're expecting to have their baby soon while we're gone.
I made this simple card last night 
so that we could give this to them today at church because 
today's PROBABLY the last time they'll see us before they have their baby.

The wording/sentiment is a Stampendous rubberstamp called Baby Stardust.
(Image from Stampendous)

I got it from the nearby Michael's store.
And since the sky blue rubber stamp ink that I bought a while back
 DRIED OUT before I ever even opened it,
I just used the extra fine tip end of a matching sky blue color 
(the other end is a brush tip, both great for rubberstamping), 
and wrote over the words again.

It actually took me a while to figure out the layout I wanted to do
because I made some errors here and there.
But it's good that everything worked out.

The "message page" was not so elaborately designed because
I was really sleepy last night but I think
it still turned out ok.

And towards the end, I figured I'd use a skyblue gel pen for the dots
of the wording because the "teddy bear" sticker/embellishment I used had glitter on it,
and I used that same gel pen to write my message.
Unfortunately my handwriting is like a first grader's when I use gel pens -
totally different from my normal handwriting... hehe!


  1. I bet they LOVED the card; I do(and so does papa Sparks)! You should sell on Etsy!


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