January 18, 2011


Why, hello blogging world!
I am back!
I cannot come up with a title for this post,
thus the dots.

Anyway, as most of you know, we just got back from the Philippines.
It was a nice experience.
We went home a little earlier than planned, but it's all good.
What was important was that we were able to spend
so much time with my family.
And at least we were able to do one big activity with them
at the Hundred Islands in Pangasinan.

Jesse was so sweet to these little kids during our stop-over at the Governor's island.

They are already trying to make a living at their young age.
The little girl, I think, was the oldest.
Jesse bought 3 key chains (one for him, one for C, and one for me) from them.
The little girl wrote our individual names on each shell.

I didn't say anything but I was touched by Jesse's interest in them.
He was talking to them as if he had known them for a long time.
I felt deeply grateful for the kind of man I married.

When we moved to the Quezon island, these little kids followed us there.
I guess they were fond of Jesse - my American husband who speaks Tagalog really well.

We had a good time in the Philippines.
We weren't able to visit Jesse's area during his mission,
but we will do it someday when we go back.


  1. I liked this post Lois:) Thanks for sharing the sweet story about the little kids & Jesse:) I'm glad that you were all able to spend so much time with your family, and that they could meet(and get to know) Jesse and Caleb. I'm also very happy that Caleb is well again! Someday Jim and I plan on to making it to the Philippines!

  2. Let me add something which I noticed about Jesse that day. He bought t-shirts from the ladies who were selling them and he said nakakaawa sila (he pities them) because he could not buy more. :) Hats off to you, Jesse!

    Sue, I hope you will really be able to visit the Philippines. :)


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