January 21, 2011

Emotional Roller Coaster #1

So here's the thing...
I've been looking forward to this day since we got back
from the Philippines.
This was supposed to be the day that we'll see
if there's really someone in my belly.

You see, since the day I found out I was pregnant,
it seemed unreal - up to this point.
Except for the food cravings every once in a while
and the need for nap times more than ever,
I feel normal.
Even much more normal than I did when I was pregnant with Caleb.
Add my "still kind of flat" (but feels bloated) belly to that,
I don't feel pregnant at all.

Two lines won't be enough for me,
though I am already grateful for that confirmation.
But I still need to see our peanut-sized (or is it smaller?) baby.

I understand that we should've arrived a little earlier
than my scheduled appointment today.
But come on... 4 mins. late wasn't that bad!
The receptionist was still going to let me go through the check-up, 
but not even a minute after we got in 
(I literally haven't finished writing my first name),
the Dr. called and said she's leaving.
I was there!
I would understand if we weren't there and they had to reschedule us,
but we were there.
I was literally holding back my tears while the receptionist
rescheduled my appointment for next month on the 11th.

I guess that's another confirmation, besides the two lines,
that I am pregnant.
I was so emotional today, I cried.
Poor Jesse.
I didn't want him to see it but I couldn't hold it back anymore
as we started driving back home.


  1. That is so frustrating! Four minutes? I would not even consider you as being late. What bothers me is that many times I've had to wait for a long period (after my appointed time)to see a physician, and it's "par for the course", but if a patient is even a little bit late, that's another story!

  2. How rude!I'll say file a complain.They need to know that what they did was not only unprofessional but also unethical.

  3. Congrats on the baby!

    That's kind of rude. Maybe you should get a new doctor. :P

  4. Aww! I can imagine how frustrated you were. Do you want to go see another appointment with another doctor for a nearer date? :)

  5. how seriously doctor!!! and congrats on the pregnancy again. and its easier to "forget" dats ure pregnant coz ure busy with ur first one =)


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