February 17, 2011

Baby #2

We had our first appointment two days ago.
We finally saw our baby!
Caleb was such a good boy the whole time,
and he seemed really curious at the ultrasound image.
We told him that the baby in the picture is his little sibling.
He's still kind of oblivious about it all, I think.

Anyway, our doctor is really nice.
She is really friendly.
We were actually in doubt at first if she IS really our doctor
because she looked young to be one and 
she was really friendly. 
We were expecting somebody like Dr. Chapman 
whom we had in Hawai'i (really serious person).
Dr. Ivie (our doctor now) just seemed like one of the nurses there,
but no, she's our doctor and I'm glad to have her.
She made everything exciting and friendly.
The staff were really nice and friendly, too.

They said I was 13 weeks and 3 days pregnant
and that my due date will be on Aug. 20.
When Dr. Ivie did the ultrasound, she was like, 
"oh yeah, you are very far along, all right!"
I was surprised to see the baby, too.
I was expecting like a peanut-size, no-baby-figure kind of image
before I saw the ultrasound,
but our baby is there in a baby form! 
We saw the heartbeat.
So cute.

back side

hello world!
We will know the gender next month.
Maybe I can ask our doctor to get us some
"feetsies" shot.. :) 


  1. The baby already looks cute:) So happy that the doctor and staff are so wonderful! Can't wait to find out the gender:)

  2. Oh wow you are definitely far a long.Oh hello baby!I am so excited for your debut. You are lucky to have such great parents. And they are so so excited to meet you.

    We love you guys.

  3. That's great that you like your doctor. It's always fun to see the baby. Makes it seem more real.

  4. congrats!!!! HOW EXCITING! i love my girl doctor too. shes super young and friendly. i had her for azalea actually and this little girl. im excited for u!!! yay!

  5. Goodness! Im so behind! Congratulations sa number 2 nyo! that is so exciting!!!


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