February 03, 2011

My Little Helper

 C is teething - all four of them.
I call them the "fangs."
He's been a good sport about all of it, though.
He still needs to work on his sleeping habits a little better.
His new favorite song that I sing to him
is "The Wise Man and the Foolish Man."
He tries to imitate the actions I made up for that song, too.
Right now all he does is pound his hands together throughout the whole song
(even though it's for the "... build his house upon ..." part).
He recently discovered that it's fun to sit
on his little colorful stool while playing his "piano" after
the day I did it to him.

He still loves his bath times.
Now when I ask him, "do you want to take a bath?"
he runs to the bathroom and helps me get the tub ready for him.

He's slowly becoming my little helper.
On diaper duties, he likes to take his dirty diaper
straight to the trash can - in the kitchen - for me/us.
And sometimes he'll even help us put away all his diapering stuff.
Last night Jesse showed me that C was wiping his own bottom with his wipes
instead of his daddy doing it for him.
It was cute.

When we ask and show him where to put his toys away,
he'll stow them away whichever spot we wanted him to put it away.
Sometimes he requires us to go with him to his bedroom
 as he puts his toys away.
He likes to make a mess with his snacks,
but he'll clean up after himself when we tell him (& help him) to pick them up.

He still loves the camera.
He loves it even more now.
We always think it's funny whenever he stops to smile for me
when I am about to take a picture of him.

Oh... and the "No" stage is definitely here.
I still think it's too early but oh well...

I will post all about our Ice Box Canyon hike
some other time or day in our family blog
when I get the chance. 
It was a fun hike.


  1. I miss you Caleb.Good job on being Mommy's little helper.Keep it up especially now that you're going to be a big brother.

  2. What a good boy he is, and so cute!

  3. I salute you and Jesse for a job well done as parents. Caleb is blessed for having you. :)

    He is such a darling. :)


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