March 14, 2011

Feb. Updates

Nothing much is going on, really. 
For February, Jesse and I went out on a date
at the strip one night during the Valentine's weekend.
My parents-in-law visited us that weekend
so we had the chance to go out on a date for the night.
They babysat C for us 'til the morning.
It was good to get out once in a while with just your spouse,
though we love our little guy a lot.
I missed him so much that night.

Then on Valentine's day, my in-laws made a special
fondue meal for our family dinner.
My father-in-law made, I believe, a cheese fondue (?!?) or 
something similar to that (if I'm wrong)
and my mom-in-law made a smores fondue.
They were both good!

Then the day after Valentine's day,
we had our first doctor's appointment with our new Ob/Gyne.
It was our first ultrasound with our baby which I posted
a while ago here in my blog.

A few days after that, Jesse (after having started reading
the book, "Boys Adrift" thing), he had an impulse
to buy an aquarium for C, and I agreed.
We installed the aquarium that same night.
4 days after, we bought our first set of fish -

a red wag platty,

a moly. and a plecostomus (janitor - underneath the bush)
Sad to say, though, that none of them survived more than 12 hours.
We've even named our janitor fish, "Oscar" the night we got them.
The next morning, I researched more about how to
take care of your pet fish and your aquarium.
I was able to convince Jesse to get an aerator for our aquarium
(which we didn't have at first).
C was looking for all three of them when he woke up.
It was kind of sad to tell him, "all gone!"

By the end of Feb., we cleaned out our aquarium and
waited for some of our aquarium stuff to come in the mail
(they are much cheaper from Amazon than the pet stores).

The weekends of February were filled with chatting with my only
sister, which we both enjoyed.
C loved hanging out with her when we were in the Philippines.

It wasn't also long before we bought the 3 fish that
C counted from 1-10 perfectly on his own
(even though he didn't pronounce them right).
Now he keeps counting every time.

So far that's it.


  1. Good job Caleb dear. February seems fun. I am actually interested in reading that book after I read Jesse's blog. What do you think?Should I read it?

  2. It is a wonderful February especially with in-laws helping you out. I admire them for spending that special day to be there just for you! :0 I can imagine how sad Caleb was to see the fishes dead and it is good he now sees live ones again... (congratulations also for the new table for the aquarium).... May is very fond of "Raymond". :)

  3. Your aquarium looks pretty. I'm glad you have more fish to fill it:)
    We had a fun time with all of you!

  4. Mmmm...I love fondue. We've gone to the Melting Pot (a fondue restaurant) a couple times and I <3 their dessert fondues. Yum!


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