March 04, 2011


Well, I'm 15 weeks pregnant now.
My baby bump is showing just a little bit now,
especially whenever I wear my new jeans from Motherhood Maternity.
(Have you ever noticed how ridiculously expensive good maternity clothes are?
Except when you buy them from Ross, of course, or Walmart).

I go to bed at the same time our son goes to bed.
I try - ALL THE TIME - not to, because hubby wants/needs my company
every night (let's watch "24"... shall we?)
We just recently finished the last season of 24 which I am happy about.
We watched 5 episodes (45 minutes each) on our
last night watching it.

In 2 weeks, we'll find out the gender of our baby.
We are planning to do it this way:
Jesse will be the only one to know first, and then
he'll/we'll do something soon enough that will let me know the gender
of the baby.
I'm excited!

C is learning to express himself more and more each day,
including his tantrums - which are not so bad.
He's pretty good with time-outs, although he'll cry at first.
He tries to talk now even though most of the time
they're still just babbled words.
Sometimes I can make out what he's trying to say,
sometimes I can't.
When we can't, he'll take our fingers (he'll say "hand"), and take us
to wherever he was talking about.
It's really cute.
All in all, he's a happy little guy, and very easy to take care of.
I love his sweet personality.


  1. Tell Jesse to text us the gender.hahahaha We are also excited to know. I hear yah maternity clothes are so darn expensive.But once you get a good one and really sometimes it is from the ridiculously expensive store like Motherhood and Maternity.But don't you think it's worth your penny since it is so comfortable.

    When do you start time outs with Caleb?Darren's tantrums is sometimes crazy but manageable. But I know he is not ready for time outs just yet.I was thinking at 18months.Suggestions is very much appreciated.heeh


  2. Caleb IS a sweetie:) Can't wait to find out what you're having! BTW, Target has a maternity dept. too.

  3. I hope he still likes coming over after tomorrow!! He's really talking a lot more, he kept copying whatever we said tonight. So fun! I can't wait to hear what you're having!!

  4. seriously materity bottoms are so hard to find that fit me..and motherhood materity is "expensive" but is cheaper compared to other even more expensive ones.. im excited to find out what ure having.. when r u due? august?


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