March 01, 2011

March 1, 2011

C and I welcomed the beginning of March
with some dancing...

These are only two of the handful of nursery songs
he danced to today.
Besides these, he loves doing "Itsy-Bitsy Spider",
"Wheels on the Bus"
and a few others which I can't remember.
He's currently learning the song, "Little Indians"
(One, little two, little three little Indians),
the Alphabet song (which I've been singing to him ever since
he was just a few months old),
"Baa-baa Black Sheep"
and the Tagalog version of "my toes, my knees, my shoulders, my head."


  1. Oh my gosh, that was just way too cute:) I especially liked the "tap your toes" part and the "wondering" in the second video:) Thanks for posting these, Lois!

  2. Darren loves The Wheel on The Bus.And Pop Corn .He does the same action as Caleb's twinkle twinkle.
    Oh the joy of Motherhood.
    Caleb you are getting so big.

    Oh I've been wanting this double stroller.And I figure I share it with you since you're going to have another baby before I do.It's a little pricey but it seems to be worth the money cause of the reviews. It's Phil&Teds.


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