March 14, 2011

March... so far...

We found a nice small table for our aquarium at the thrift store for $15
two weeks ago.
Our aquarium used to be on top of our "breakfast table."
The next day, Jesse helped me in setting up the aquarium
again - this time with the aerator, a lot less decors, a bit more gravel
(to better hold things in place),
and an Ecobio-Block Stone which I didn't put 'til the next day.
I think it (the bio-block) is a really nice investment
if you're planning to have a pet fish, - it's good for 1.5 - 2 years.
Our 5-gal tank is looking simply groovy! :P

5 days after, I did a partial water change on it just so it's a lot 
safer for our next fish this time around before we buy them.
I also had my first chiropractor appointment that day.
Boy it felt good!
My hips/buttocks/tailbone (wherever)
still hurts once in a while
but it's not as bad as it was before.
I loved it when he cracked my hips/tailbone.
It felt like it's what I really needed for the longest time.

Last Saturday, I finally took my driver's permit test.
I had just finished reading the manual the week before,
and I skimmed through it one more time that morning before I took the test.
It's a walk-in basis for permit tests, so I really didn't have to
take it if I wasn't ready.
But my mood that morning was more like,
"Come what may! If I don't pass it, at least I know how the test is like."
Glad to know I passed it!
It was supposed to be 50 items but I only did 45 (I passed it by then).
It was a computerized interactive kind of test
(not the scantron thing like I had in Hawaii)
so it was more fun for me but at the same time more nerve-wracking
because I could see how many more items to go,
how many right answers I've had (need to be 40), and how many
mistakes I've made.
There was one point during my test that I could make
8 right answers to pass it, and 8 mistakes to fail it (11 is failed)
so that made me really nervous.
It was a good thing I skimmed through the manual once more
because some of the questions I encountered
were the ones I skimmed through that morning (and that I've forgotten).

Jesse was really happy for me.
So happy he made me drive home from Costco that same day.
Freeways is one of my weekness.
He was the one who looked at my blindspot (for now) for every
lane changes I had to make.
At least it wasn't like the first time I drove in a freeway, 
in Hawaii,
in a manual car,
going 55mph to take my first driving test
(supposed to be but didn't because we were missing some papers).
Before that day, I only practiced in 1-lane roads
going 35 mph max.

That night, we bought 2 small comet goldfish for $0.13 each
(much cheaper than our first 3 fishies).
I will post their pictures someday.
They are alive 'til now!
I'm so happy!
C loved watching them the first time we put them in.
In the mornings, he says "Hi" to them. So cute!
He loves watching them eat.
Actually he loves watching the fish flakes float more than
watching the fish eat.

Today, I walked to the park (15 mins) to hang-out with our
friend and her sons.
C is about 8 months younger than their first son,
but they love playing with each other all the time.
It was tiring to walk back and forth
but I needed to go out.
And I'm glad she invited me to go because that made me
more motivated to walk that far.

Tomorrow, if the baby won't be shy, is the BIG day!
The day we'll know if we'll buy pink or blue clothes!
I can't wait!


  1. Oh my gosh I am way way excited.Could you text us and let us know if it is a boy or a girl.Oh my gosh I bet it was nerve wrecking to drive on a freeway. Hawaii is speed limit is way slower than the mainland so I bet it was a bit more crazy out there.

  2. Can't wait to know if the baby is a he or a she. :) Caleb is really a darling greeting the fish :) and CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! for passing the test. Can imagine how it was! I am so happy you were able to drive again and thank you so much Jesse, for being there to guide her :)

  3. Oh, I am so excited to find out the gender!?! Woo Hoo! CONGRATS on taking and passing your permit test, Lois! Way to go! I'm glad your pets are still alive too:)

  4. ooo i wanna know! but congrats on the dirving permit!!! =)


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