March 17, 2011

One, Two, Three, Foooooouuuurrrr....

C knows how to count from 1-10.
Sometimes he does it right, sometimes he doesn't
(skips from 6 to 8,9,10).
He loves to count whenever we're climbing down the stairs,
or with his crayons,
or with his blocks:

I don't know how he learned to count from 1-10.
We didn't really force the numbers on him.
But I can remember we were watching this counting video on Youtube one time.
And then the next day he started counting perfectly from 1-10
(I even had that on my Facebook status last month).

In this video, though, he only counted from 1-5 because
he was missing some blocks to count 'til 10.

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  1. So cute. He looked so pleased with his block tower:)


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