March 31, 2011

Outback Special

We had another appointment with my ob/gyne yesterday.
She was running late.
There were too many of us there waiting for her
instead of the other doctors.
We waited in the lobby for over an hour.
They had t.v. in the lobby so I watched the Travel channel first,
then it became the Food channel (that's what it said).
They showed different steakhouse restaurants,
and it felt like total torture (hunger-wise) for me... 
because I was hungry right at that moment
(it was lunchtime)
AND I've been craving steak for a long time now.

By the time we were called, everybody else was gone
(except for one more person besides us).
Then we just sat in the room for about less than 5 mins.
They didn't do any other check-up other than
the baby's heart (but we didn't know the heart rate).
The nurse then told me my doctor has to leave
(we haven't seen her that day yet)
because she's late for her scheduled c-section.
It was really frustrating.
I was kind of upset but I let it go because
I know that she is where she needs to be and that pregnant lady in labor
might be going crazy right then waiting for her.

I spent the whole afternoon almost by myself
because C took a nap right after we got home 
(after his lunch)
'til about a half an hour before Jesse came home from work.
He's really a good sleeper.
We put him back in his room AGAIN 3 days ago and
he's been sleeping on his own both for his naptimes and bedtimes.

Anyway, Jesse called me up on his way home from work
and surprised me with a dinner date with my
choice of place to eat.
He gave me some options and I just said, "OUTBACK!"
"... 'cause I'm sure they have steak!"
He even arranged a babysitting schedule for C before
letting me know about it.
Our friends were C's babysitters that night! :)

Oh, I felt so pregnant (I usually don't) yesterday night.
The waitress asked for our order and I was like,
"I'd like to try the Outback Special..."
Her: "Ok. You have two choice of sides."
Me: "Ok.. Aussie Fries and mashed potatoes."
Her: "Ok." (started turning to Jesse to for his order)
Me: "OH! And can I have the grilled shrimp with that too?"

Sorry lady, pregnant lady was starving!
I just thought it was funny.

When she served us the food, I had tons on my plate.
(I just found this picture on Live to Feast's blog)
It looked exactly like that one on the picture,
with the mashed potato included (not in the picture).
I told Jesse I felt like a starving pig.
(Good thing I only ordered the smallest portion of the meat - 6 oz.) 
He just gave me a smile.
What a stud! I love that guy!
Oh and I finished everything!
YOU SHOULD TRY IT! It's awesomely good!


  1. A salute to Jesse! :0 I sure is very glad for you, Nak. :)

  2. Wow, looks good! Good for Jesse and your friends too:) Hooray for Caleb back to sleeping in his own room!

  3. A salute to Jesse! I sure am very glad for you, Nak. :)


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