April 26, 2011

Dancing with my son

I was feeling the day today because it's a very special day.
I opened up my Grooveshark playlist, "sweet dance"

then I danced the first song, "All the Way" by Celine Dion and Frank Sinatra,
with my little buddy boy, C.
Oddly enough, and Jesse RARELY sees me like this,
but I got choked up while I was dancing with my son.
For some reasons,
my mind fast-forwarded to the day of his future wedding and imagined him
dancing that same song with me - not as a little boy anymore,
but as a young man.
I know it's still years away but as the "experts" (our parents) say,
it goes by fast.
I immediately lied down on our couch,
and let my little buddy hug me
despite the big bulgy belly that's making it uncomfortable
to cuddle with him lately.

"Terrible twos" are definitely on the way,
but he's not that really terrible.
There are just some changes in him (like throwing tantrums WAY easily),
but we love him with all our hearts nonetheless.
He's still the sweet, cuddly, love-to-give-kisses, little guy we know.
We love him "all the way"...


  1. What you do now will be cherished moments. It is really worth it for a child. It is the joy that we have been promised. :) I love this post. Thank you.

  2. Very sweet post! I'm happy for grandchildren because I get to have my little ones back, sort of:)As your mom said~cherish the special moments together...you'll reap great dividends:)


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