April 04, 2011

General Conference

On Sat. and Sun. we had the opportunity to listen to the
For those who do not know, the General Conference occurs
every 6 months (April and October),
every first Saturday and Sunday of those months.
It is the time we (both LDS and non-LDS alike) have the opportunity
to hear and listen to the voice of the Lord through the 
counsels of the prophet (now Pres. Thomas S. Monson), 
It is a great time to take a break from our daily routines
and feed ourselves spiritually.

Well, the General Conference weekend went good for us.
I said good because it was a lot harder to focus now that we have our little guy,
who, understandably so, can't sit still for two hours and listen
to the talks given by the speakers. 
During the Sunday morning session, Jesse taught C
(at least for several minutes each time and towards the end)
how to be reverent by sitting with us and listening to the speakers.
He whispered the words uttered by the speakers
to our son's ears, and our little guy listened.
It worked each time but it didn't last longer than 15 mins.
All in all, he was good.
He didn't really make any fuss about us
spending two hours each time listening to the speakers.
It is natural for him, like any other kids, to play.
But I'm glad that he listened every time we asked him to listen,
and he prayed with us, and even pretended to be 
the chorister every time the choir sang.

The one session I was able to focus on was
the Sunday afternoon session.
We were able to watch it as a couple (via the internet) while our son
was taking his afternoon nap.
And he didn't wake up until half an hour after the session ended.

For us, the main message of the Conference to us (in our family)
is about giving service to those who surrounds us.
Especially with what's happening in our world these days,
there are so many people who needs help.

I can't wait to receive the May issue of the Ensign magazine
so I can read the talks I missed and remind myself again about the
messages and counsels that we heard this month.


  1. Conference was pretty good wasn't it? At least the parts I heard. And we MISS you guys! Hehe. And Caleb. Hopefully we can meet up sometimes when we move to the mainland.

  2. I loved the conferences talks,all of them.I was moved my the speakers.And like you I am looking forward to read the talks.And our little guy is I think to little still to even understand the word reverent so we are going to try to do it in October.Good job Caleb!

  3. I admire you both for being diligent and patient in training Caleb! :)

    Love you!

  4. Found you from your mother-in-law's blog. Glad to find another Filipina blogger. Following you now! ;)
    More power!


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