April 15, 2011

Why I like Vegas.... for now...

Well, our original plan for being here in Vegas is out of the picture
(Jesse's master's degree).
So I've been wondering, aside from my husband's job,
what do I like for living here in Las Vegas?
I mean, as soon as you say the words "Las Vegas," it is common
for most people to think of words and/or phrases like
"sin city," "gambling," "casinos," "slot machines," 
"bright lights," "party all night long," "women with skimpy clothes," etc.

Besides, it's in the middle of nowhere,
Nevada was one of the states that was hardest hit by the recent recession,
and it gets so incredibly hot in the summer.
I'm definitely sure this is not where we want to settle down
for years and years to come.
So I was thinking lately, what are other things I like here?

ONE: It's cheap.
Pretty much almost everything is cheap.
Including houses.
A 3-bedroom, 3 bath house usually goes for $110K or less.
We even found a 4-bedroom one (3 baths) for 90K.
Too bad it was taken.

TWO: Filipino Stores

Ah! There are definitely a lot more Filipino stores and dining restaurants here than in Hawai'i.
I used to go crazy whenever I saw a "Jollibee" in California,
(McDonald's main rival in the Philippines)
but not anymore.
I love going to the Seafood City just because I feel like it brings me closer
to home even though the prices are in dollars.. haha!
Plus that's where I can usually find
the kind of food my Filipino taste buds  are looking for.
Seafood City is a plus because Chowking, Red Ribbon, and Jollibee are inside
the building as well... and some other little Filipino stores.
It's kind of far from our place, but it's definitely closer than the one
we had in Hawai'i (Waipahu).

THREE: Our Ward
I love our ward at Church.
It is a big ward with lots of primary kids, 
nursery kids (we have 4 or 5 nursery classes),
and plenty of babies!!!
Oh, and preggo sisters!
I just found out 3 weeks ago that there were 17 of us pregnant sisters in the ward
(probably more or less now since some gave birth
and some might have just found out they're pregnant too).
It's just much like our married ward in BYU-Hawai'i where there
were lots of children and babies and pregnant ladies.
Well, in regards to that, I only have a few new friends in our ward... but
it's really fun when I get to do activities with them.
Ever since I had my calling, I liked the ward more, 
whether I have a lot of friends or not.
This brings me to another reason why I like it here in Vegas:

Most of our friends from BYU-Hawai'i either live in California or in Utah.
I like being in Las Vegas because we're in-between those states.
Some of them would most likely would have to pass by
Las Vegas first before either going to Utah/California/Hawai'i. 
In just our 8 months stay here,
we've met with some of my good friends from Hawai'i
and I love it!!!
(November 2010)
(December 2010)
(December 2010)
(March 2011)
(April 2011)
We're definitely closer to our relatives now
than when we were in Hawai'i.
They are all scattered in California and Utah.
My in-laws get to come over as often as they want now
than when we were in Hawai'i.
I love being just half-way from those two states.


I love being close to the Red Rock Canyon.
We have a year pass and it's been really great.
We all love hiking (including C)
so being close to a hiking/camping park is really nice.

Even though we live in the "sin city,"
we're not in the strip itself anyway and our area is not that bad.
I actually like it.


  1. Yes, I think you live in a very nice area. There are definitely a lot of positive factors to living there. Of course, I haven't been there in the extreme heat yet! Kiss Caleb for me!

  2. i cannot believe how cheap it is (im super jealous...as much as i love san jose..don't come here its EXPENSIVE!) and im glad dat u have a HUGE WARD (i dont think i have ever been in a ward dat huge) ...but im so happy dat u love it there! maybe we'll visit when we actually pass by there too.

  3. It is such a pleasant feeling to know all these nice things about your place. I like all of the reasons you mentioned why like it - Red Rock Canyon, your in-laws and other friends who visit/visited you, your ward, the Filipino stores and the cheap prices. I am so glad to see that Sister Pineda had gone there, too! :)


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