May 30, 2011

Baby Card

One of the members of our ward's Relief Society presidency at Church 
is expecting baby number 2 - and they're having a boy!
(Their first is a girl).
She had her surprise baby shower recently
thrown by a sister in our ward (who is also expecting)
but sadly, I couldn't come because I got sick.

Anyway, I did have a gift for her
and my friend was kind enough to take it to the shower
for me in my behalf.
With that little gift, I also sent her this handmade
baby card that I made just the night
before I found out the changes in her baby shower's date:

Side note: whenever I include an envelope in my pictures,
that means I made the envelopes too.

I have at least 5 more handmade cards to make within just 2 weeks,
but I love making them.
I am sure it'll be a lot faster once I get those nice crafting tools
but they can always wait.
For now, I love spending 2+ hours (each) making my handmade cards
(I spend that much time hinking about the layout, the design, 
color theme, & finally making them).


  1. The card turned out so cute! and u made the envelope? I am so impressed. :)

  2. It is very nice, Nak! You had it ever since - the artist in you. :)

  3. Very cute. Love the color combo!


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