May 07, 2011

DL Test

Well, my big day is tomorrow. I am going to take my driver's license test for the second time. My first time was in Hawaii in 2008. I did not pass that one. The lady was so scary I've been afraid to take the test again since then.

But knowing that I need my license now more than ever (going to have 2 kids plus more doctor's appointments when the second baby comes and it's not as close as it used to be in BYU-H where I could just walk to the clinic for appointments) is giving me the motivation to get it. I don't know if I will pass it tomorrow, I just want to see what the outcome will be. If I pass it, GREAT! If I don't, I can just try again. 

The difference now than before is that I'm just glad it's gonna be A LOT less stressful for me this time around because:

1) I won't be driving a manual car/stick shift. Our first car was a manual car and that's what I used in Hawai'i to take the test (that's the first and last manual car I ever drove in my entire life). I think I don't have to elaborate how stressed I was when I took my test back then, especially in every stop light/sign, or whenever I had to step on my breaks (I hated shifting gears all the time)... hehe!

2) There aren't any uphill/downhill roads where I am going to take my test so I'm sure they won't make me do parallel parking going uphill (which the lady in Hawai'i told me to do and I haven't had any experience doing parallel parking whatsoever, let alone doing it uphill in-between cars. No, she didn't use cones for me.. sad)

3) Our car is REEEEAAAALLLLLLY reliable, it won't just die on me out of the blue. The used cars we had in Hawai'i (even after the manual one) all broke in less than a month which always made me have second thoughts in retaking the test there because I didn't want the car dying on me during the test (I know I'm not supposed to take the test with those kind of cars anyway).

4) I really read the driver's manual this time so I could pass the written/driver's permit test because the manual didn't come with the Q&A portion of the test... haha! At least now I know the rules of the road a bit more completely (if not perfectly) than I did in Hawai'i. The Hawai'i Driver's manual I had had that Q&A pages. I just read the questions and answers and took the written test so I really didn't know much about the rules of the road... just the very basics.

5) I am just really determined to get my driver's license before I give birth. I need it so bad so I can take myself around without depending on anybody else. If I don't get it before then, I really want to get it before our baby's 2nd month (when he gets his first vaccines).

Soooooooo...... wish me luck!


  1. You will do great!Balitaan mo agad kami. I still have a couple of weeks maybe even a month.My drivers ed won't be done till next week then I have to go take a test to get a permit and another 6 classes of behind the wheels and so I will probably be bracing myself in a couple of weeks.Haaay.

    Godd luck again!


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