May 30, 2011

End of May Birthdays

Here are my new cards that I made a few weeks ago.
They are for two sisters in our ward at Church
who are both celebrating their birthdays on the same day
(end of May).

I was waiting for the days to pass by
(for when I actually can give them to my friends)
before posting them on my blog so they don't get a "spoiler"
of their handmade cards from me.. hehehe!

With these birthday cards, I found the template/inspiration/idea
(however you want to call it)
from Ruth Muzeen.
She has a crafting blog called, "Flower Sparkle"
I just love and adore all of her handmade cards.

These are her handmade birthday cards that I "copied"
(my first time copying somebody else's card ideas)

These are my version of those cards:

They are not as good as hers but I like them a lot.
I actually sent her a message
(through a comment on her blog post)
for her permission to post her cards here but she never got back to me 
(she did post my comment in her blog, though, 
but for some reasons I can't find that blog post anymore).

Knowing myself, I always like to decorate
the "dedication page" as well so for this one,
it's actually my own idea:

I just used a flower rubber stamp that my friend Shellanie
gave to me (thanks for all of them)
to use as embellishments.

Happy birthday to my friends, Erin and Brendi!


  1. I wish I am crafty and as talented as you are.Good job! :)

  2. The cards look so pretty! Hanga ako sa patience mong maggupit. :)

  3. totally cute cards!!! i love it. one day ill be crafty..


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