May 09, 2011

I Won't Have it Any Other Way

My mother's day has been a very simple day so far. But I love it the way it is.

Our little kiddo woke us (actually, just me) up this morning at 9:30am. We bugged Daddy for a while in our bedroom before I got ready to start the day. I didn't even remember that it's Mother's Day today. I was busy doing my usual morning routine with C. When we got out to the living room, Jesse was already awake and up even though he looked like he still could go to sleep for another hour. Then he greeted me, "Happy Mother's Day!" That's only when I remembered what day it is today.

I was taking care of C when Jesse asked me what I wanted for breakfast. I didn't want him to fix me anything (because I don't eat breakfast), but I really found it sweet and very thoughtful. Then he washed some dishes for me (C's things mostly). He was really looking for something to do for me today and it really made me feel special and appreciated.

Right at this moment, he is making our dinner - coconut shrimp with apricot sauce/dip - which I found yesterday in one of our cookbooks (Betty Crocker cookbook). I was originally the one who was going to make it tonight. Today at Church, he told me he's going to make our dinner instead... and here he is now being the sweetest chef in the world in our little kitchen.

C gave me lots of kisses today both at home and at Church. It's been a while since he really cuddled with me for a long time (since I got my baby bump) without getting distracted by other things. Today he cuddled with me at Church and when we got home after. Also he was a very good boy at Church today during the sacrament meeting. He's always been an easy little fella but today he was twice as easy at Church. I love it when he says, "I la loo Mommy" or "I la loo Daddy" (I love you Mommy/Daddy). It just makes my heart melt.

Our little one was a bit more behaved today inside my belly. He's more active than C was when he was in my belly. But today he decided to be mellow, even though he still gave me strong jabs here and there once in a while.

This is my second mother's day holiday so far and this has been the simplest one (last year Jesse took me to this massage place for a full-body massage) but guess what...
I won't have it any other way!

I love spending time with my man and my little guy. I love playing games with Jesse. For one I think it's funny and kinda cute when he gets all competitive. I love playing with our son. He's so cute I could squeeze and kiss his cheeks all day long. I love feeling our little one inside my belly. They all make me happy more than the gifts I receive. No material things or hours of full-body massage can compare to the joy I feel by just being with them than anywhere else in the world. I love my little family so much! The acts of appreciation for me is more than enough. I feel so blessed to have them... my boys (oh my I'm being outnumbered). I am especially thankful and really appreciative of my sweet husband who always makes me feel special both on special days and on regular, ordinary days - well, even much more on special days like our anniversary, mother's day, my birthday, and Christmas. I often feel that I haven't done enough for him and he has done so much for me. 


  1. What a SWEET post! I'm glad you enjoyed this day with your boys:) XOXO! It was great talking to you all today. Caleb is such a sweetie:)

  2. You are really something! You know how to count your many blessings. :)

  3. I am glad to hear that you had an awesome Mother's day!Mine was simple too and I am glad Nate took care of almost everything to make my day a little more special.I am excited to see your baby. I am thinking of visiting you or something once the baby is out.We will see.mwah


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